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Strategy with a Smile: Kairosoft’s Mobile Offerings

For anyone with a smartphone, the allure of gaming apps is known well. For just 99 cents you can download a time-waster that will keep you entertained for hours on the train home, in waiting rooms, even between CoD matches. Everyone knows the allure of Angry Birds (over 20 hours logged by yours truly…) but few know of Kairosoft Co., Ltd’s even more addicting strategy simulations.

All of the games share similarities: animated sprites, witty character names based on the game’s theme/Pop Culture, combos for similar items or blocks placed in close proximity and classic MIDI music, almost like late-80s sound engineers had a reunion. Kairosoft has had a ton of experience from over fifteen years of games, most created in the highly competitive and ahead-of-trend Japanese mobile games market. Here are a few of the better ones we can get on this side of the Pacific.

Game Dev Story

The first game released in the United States and probably the best received. You take the helm of a newly formed Game Developer and work on games for parody consoles, building your team and possibly creating your very own console. Prepare to lose a couple of hours.

Mega Mall Story

For fans of the classic Sim Tower, or Yoot Tower as it was titled in Nippon, this game has very similar mechanics without having to please those high-maintenance, ungrateful tenants. Create a mall from a range of shops and stands, and earn your way to the top of the profit chain.

Venture Towns

What Mega Mall Story was to Sim Tower, this game is to Sim City. Place buildings and houses on a plot of land to make profit and provide for your townies. Best part, you make money for every store visit, not just taxes at the end of the year. No ‘Motherlode’ code necessary.

Dungeon Village

Thus far my favorite of the games, you found a town, similar to with Venture Towns, but this town is an RPG village where you build weapon an item shops, attract heroes to do battle with the mobsters outside the town, and even send them on quests that will reward you with gold and even new building types. The best of Kairosoft’s advancement in the genre.

*Editor’s Note: This has been our tenth article on this site! Thanks for reading our first article milestone, hope to see you for the 20th!

Kairosoft Co. Ltd’s games featured in this article are Rated 4+ but require reading and money management skills better suited for 10+ and are currently priced at $3.99 each.

Have a favorite Kairosoft game or another mobile game you’d like to see reviewed? Drop a comment below!

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