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This is How The World Ends: Top Five Doomsday Scenarios in Gaming

It’s been almost a week since the world was set to end. What happened to the wrath-of-God type stuff? Fire and brimstone coming down from the sky? The dead rising from the grave? Dogs and cats, living together/mass hysteria? And I really believed the Ghostbusters and their predictions!

Great movie references aside, some people legitimately believed 12/21 Mayan doomsday prediction. Though we may never know when that day comes, the ‘end of the world’ theme appears throughout video gaming, most of the time in a much more tangible way. Say your prayers, watch the skies and say your goodbyes: in the spirit of New Years, for the last article of 2012, we are counting down the Top Five Doomsday Scenarios in Gaming!

#5: Zombie Apocalypse

(multiple games)


No where to go…

One of the more prominent of Doomsday scenarios on consoles since the Dawn of the Dead remake in 2004, the Zombie Apocalypse has taken the United States by storm. Games like The Walking Dead, Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, Dead Island, Dead Space… Unoriginal titles notwithstanding, each of them find an original perspective to explore this doomsday scenario. Even Red Dead Redemption, CoD and Borderlands have gotten into the undying spirit of things. Hopefully the trend doesn’t go the way of the parasite (I’m looking at you, Resident Evil…)

#4: The Halo Rings

(Halo Series)

Halo Ring

So much power in such a gigantic package

For anyone who recognized the title of this article from the Halo 3 trailer, you know the awesome power these galactic superstructures. In fact you spend half of the first game attempting to activate one to stop the Flood, until that adorable 343 Guilty Spark informs you it won’t kill the Flood, it will kill all their food source. And what do the Floodies eat? All sentient life in the system, of course! With only three known Halos in the array, and an Ark able to activate all of them, this monstrosity could end the world, the galaxy, hell, the universe if there were enough of them. Damn Forerunners.

#3: Lavos 

(Chrono Trigger)


AD 1999: Lavos emerges

Though I do love EarthBound over this one, no one should forget that this game was the best received RPG of 1995 and one of Square’s (now Square Enix) best non-Final Fantasy games. In 1999 of the game world, a being called Lavos appears and manages to take out the advanced society of the time and turn the future into a family friendly version of Mad Max. Little does anyone know that Lavos had been on the planet millions of years before and had been slowly building strength and power until his Ragnarok-like reappearance. Though infinitely copied throughout the nineties, this was one of the best single-being-destroys-world stories we have seen to this day. But remember, Giygas from EarthBound was scarier and came out first. Fanboy moment over.

#2: Nuclear Fallout

(Fallout Series)

Fallout 3

The Washington Monument has seen better times

If you thought AD 2300 looked bad in Chrono Trigger, take at look at the Capital Wasteland of Fallout 3. China and the USA ended their war in 2077 with a full nuclear launch and the results are still seen two hundred years later. Washington D.C. in ruins, humans mutated into emaciated Ghouls and Super Mutants, radiation doesn’t require a tanning bed anymore, really messed up stuff. The remnants of humanity take up shelter wherever they can, like the naval vessel of Rivet City, the Palatial (sort of) Tenpenny Tower or the Vaults, those human-experimentation traps Pre-War humans thought were nuclear shelters. Oh and the game throws you into this world as a war heats up between the two local powers, the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave. I bet the survivors of this world wished the Mayan predictions came true.

#1: The Reapers

(Mass Effect Series)


The armada is coming for you…

The ultimate Enders of Worlds. The Reapers were introduced to us as the fabled destroyers of the Protheans and by the end of Mass Effect 3 were on track for complete and utter domination of all sentient beings in the Milky Way. Sure, Shepard defeats a few along the way, but usually with the assistance of entire fleets and there are hundreds more ready to take their place. And say what you will about the ending, the reveal of the true purpose the Reapers were created for was Sci-Fi at its finest.

Editor’s Note: In the last article of 2012, we at Stay-At-Home Gaming would like thank you. This small project was a labor of love, is a great outlet and source of fun, and will continue to be around as long as there are people who enjoy it. We’ve got plenty more in store for 2013 and it will only get better as time goes on. A Happy New Year to you, your families and we hope to see you back for new articles and video gaming fun!

Have any topics or articles you’d like to see in 2013? Drop a comment below and we’ll make it happen!

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