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The Upcoming Storm: January Edition

As most gamers know, December is the biggest month for releases of games. The holiday season and the need for a great game during the winter break makes this the perfect time for their biggest releases. But January is upon us. Most years this means waiting for developers to take a shot and make something truly great. 2013 already seems to be aspiring towards breaking that trend. There are three games on the radar for Stay-At-Home Gaming, and hopefully for you as well.

DMC Reboot

Somehow he looks more dangerous than the last time

Coming out on the fifteenth in North America, the alternate reality Devil May Cry has all the feel of a reboot. I mean, look at him… his hair isn’t even white! Fanboy nonsense aside, the redesign is actually an interesting look for the long-running character. The core gameplay is mostly intact, with an improvement to the combat being a logical progression. This is one of those great concepts that allows new and old players to jump in and enjoy the same experience in two different ways. And that’s half the fun of gaming; introducing friends to new games and letting them in on the series without them having to play through the last twelve years of the series (though last March’s Devil May Cry: HD Collection and others like it make it easier than in the past…)

Aliens CM

Not only will they hear you scream, they will cause you to

Aliens: Colonial Marines has been a long time coming. Originally to be released in 2001, Sega has finally pulled it together to release CM on the 12th of February. As a spiritual continuation to the second movie of the Alien Saga, this game will continue James Cameron’s groundbreaking sequel, which is rumored to possibly have a connection with Ridley Scott’s recent prequel Prometheus. Even as a fan of the PC Aliens vs Predator games, I always wondered what purpose the Predator race served in the whole thing. Aliens were always the most fun, the Marines felt natural, but the Predator always had a tertiary role and never factored into the story as heavily as the other two. If the story of the game can add to the original without trying to outdo it, we may have the best game of the franchise yet.

MG Rising

This can only end in blood.

Metal Gear Rising, a spinoff of the immensely popular and confusing Metal Gear Solid. Set four years after the events of Guns of the Patriots, this game will feature Raiden, a character who was disliked in Sons of the Patriots, but made up for it with his appearance in the fourth installment. This game is a radical departure from the main series themes of Tactical Espionage Action, choosing instead to introduce a new action-based platform. For anyone who enjoyed the PS3 entry of the Metal Gear series, you know how badass Raiden was when he was missing both his arms and wielded a sword with his teeth. This game gives his arms back and lets you take part in his dexterity, strength and all-out cinematic greatness. This game will either be incredible or the flashiest waste of your gaming money. February 19th will show us which it is.

Any games deserve mention on a list like this for the month of February? Add them to the comment section below!


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