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Dishonored: Prison/Sewer Escape Commentary

Welcome to Part Two of the Dishonored Commentary! If you haven’t read Part One, make sure to give that a look! Spoiler Alert is still in effect!


A beautiful day for an interrogation!

Last time, we were arrested on charges of murdering the Empress and conspiring to kidnap her daughter. This time, we wake up six months later in Coldridge Prison to the words ORDER SHALL PREVAIL on a banner right, before you get burned with a hot iron and told to sign a confession. Go order! They’re gonna execute you anyway, so what’s the point? Oh, by the way, the Spymaster and the High Overseer, the guys that ordered your arrest, are the ones who really pulled this all off. It probably could have been drawn out for a more interesting plot point later, but it achieved its goal: I really, really want to take these guys out…


Dinner and a show (invitation)

Soon after, I’m in my cell and a guard brings me some bread. And the key to my cell. Cool! Not all the guards are in on this conspiracy! After getting out and getting my blade back, I snuck up behind a guard and got a lovely tutorial message about how to take him down. Non-lethal takedowns were described, but a Burny Burny, Cut Cut Playthrough should never allow for such silliness. A quick and silent stab, and my first victim is down. Unfortunately, I should have focused a wee bit harder on the other enemies. Soon after I received a tutorial on defending myself in combat (sad face). But after my second counter-kill in which I decapitated a guard faster than I could notice how, I went into full on Jason Voorhees mode, indestructable and indomitable.

Sneak Kill

One of the lucky guards… took him out quick

Marching through the prison with reckless abandon and a trail of guards behind me, finding the clockwork explosive left to me was easy. And with plenty of food items scattered around, my health was never low for long. I am quite grateful that Corvo is the one eating these things…Brined Hogfish, Jellied Eels and Whale Meat were some of the few delicacies in cans and tins making me drool for the hamburger I found in a trash can in EarthBound. After setting the charge and backing out of the explosion radius, I found myself jumping off the cliff face like Harrison Ford in The Fugitive, running from pistol bullets into a sewer system and locking the door behing me.

Rat Swarm


Reading another note about a cache of better weapons from whomever is helping me, I sought to find them. Sneaking above the walk area, two guards were having a discussion as a swarm of rats worked their way towards them. Soon, I witnessed the full fear of this Rat Plague as they consumed the helpless human, leaving corpses, then skinless corpses, and finally small chunks after their feast. I moved on a little disgusted. Then I happened upon a disposal room. A swarm was gathered around the valve that would get me out of the sewers and two men from above were dumping dead bodies just out of their reach… grossest puzzle ever. jumping from safe spot to safe spot, I threw the dead into the swarm below, making a line away from my objective and feeling a little dirtier for the experience. The occasional propaganda piece about the “Escaped Murderer Corvo” added a feeling of pursuit, even with few guards to physically oppose me.


Corvo Attano: Badass Mofo

And oppose me, those few did. Futile, but a valiant attempt. I must say, this kind of playthrough definitely takes away the fear and suspense of a stealth playthrough, but at the same time, it adds a feeling that Corvo isn’t some weak, sneaky opportunist that strikes from the shadows and needs to. This guy was in public office as the Lord Protector of the Empress! Playing through this way makes him feel like a true force of nature, a real threat to his enemies, however they come to him. Which makes those enemies who actually assassinated the Empress seem that much more powerful… Soon the exit appeared and Samuel, part of the group that arranged my freedom, sat in a boat and would introduce me to the leaders. I jumped in ready to go.

Next time on Playthrough Commentary: The Leadership!


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