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The Upcoming Storm: The End of Seventh Generation Consoles

We stopped doing these back in February because of the disappointment we felt when we finally played the damn games: Aliens Colonial Marines was drastically altered from it’s E3 footage, SimCity was plagued by server issues from day one, and for some reason we were excited about the idea of the Metal Gear saga going from stealth to all-out action…oh the ignorance.

Fortunately pre-holiday season games are about to be released, and the games we’re excited about are guaranteed to be great based on lineage, innovation and the talented developers behind it. Seriously, there’s no way we can be wrong on these. If any of these three games turns out to be less than amazing, this segment is cursed and we will stop doing it entirely. This edition also has special significance, as this holiday will mark of the end of the Seventh Generation of Consoles and the real beginning of the Eighth (unless you count the Wii U. Which would be silly). We’ll be riding out the end of the Seventh in style though. Time for The Upcoming Storm: The End of Seventh Generation Consoles

9/17 – Grand Theft Auto V


We know we’re not the only ones excited about this one. Since GTA III, every entry of this gritty, violent series has been overwhelmingly well received. One Grand Theft Auto game is packed with so much content it could take over a hundred hours to fully explore every aspect the game has to offer. GTA IV was released more than five years ago now, and people still play it. With GTA V we will also see an innovative system of three player characters, switchable at will, and multiple approaches to game missions in addition to improvements to an already astounding game that will only serve to make this the must-have game of the year.

10/5 – Call of Duty: Ghosts


Yeah, we know. You either hate how this game is ruining video games, or you already pre-ordered it and see this as redundant. For the latter, you may skip ahead. For the former, three things to consider; one, Infinity Ward has always delivered an incredible singleplayer experience, and a story about a post-Superpower United States fighting off a deadlier force is something the developer has a solid chance at pulling off. Second, multiplayer has been improved, refining the already great system that has been dominating online game services. Third, everybody is getting it anyway. May as well join your friends in the mayhem. Just stay in party chat and you’ll have a blast.

10/12 – XCOM: Enemy Within


Scary enough, this is the one we’re most excited about. XCOM: Enemy Unknown was the basis for our first article because it was a critically acclaimed masterpiece that proved consoles could do Strategy games without a mouse and keyboard. The game went on to win multiple game of the year awards as well. Enemy Within will be an expansion pack of epic proportions, more than doubling the number of maps, adding new classes, creating a new resource, throwing new enemies at you and keeping the same award-winning system intact but improved with a new layer of strategy required. This one may be the one that makes us the happiest.

November 15th marks the launch of the Playstation 4 in North America, followed by the introduction of the Xbox One on November 22. From that point on, those systems will lead video gaming, leaving the old consoles to drift away. But until I beat these three games, Generation Seven will have a safe place in our daily gaming.

What games are you looking forward to before the Eighth Generation is rung in? Let us know in the comment section below!


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