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GTA-Day plus Three


It’s been three days since Grand Theft Auto V has been released and a good number of people picked it up. In fact, GTA V has already accumulated over $1 Billion in global sales! It’s also very likely you’re playing it right now, peeking at this article between loading the game up or taking a food/bathroom break.

For those of you who aren’t, you probably at work, class or haven’t picked it up yet. For those of the former two, GTA is probably the focus of your thoughts and you’ll be on it as soon as you reach your home. If you’re one of the latter, do yourself a favor and get it at the first available opportunity.

We plan on releasing a full review in a few weeks, once GTA Online is out and hopefully functional enough to enjoy (SimCity is sadly still fresh on our minds). Until then here are some first impressions from almost twenty-four hours of gameplay.

20130920-130118.jpgThe graphics are absolutely top notch, as is to be expected from a five-year development cycle by the top name in gaming. The draw distance (the distance in which objects will actually appear on screen) is vastly improved, meaning high-speed chases won’t be disturbed by ghost cars spawning in front of you like past games.

The sound is par for Rockstar Games, which is to mean it’s perfect compared to any other game. The radio stations are great, the commercials and talk shows are absolutely hysterical and the voice acting alone can immerse you into the world.

20130920-125952.jpgGameplay is both drastically improved and intimately familiar, simultaneously. Cars still handle varyingly well, but there always a better car a few lanes up. Combat is also better, as lock-on targeting doesn’t guarantee a hit on a moving target.

The story is absolutely awesome…


…as the introduction of the game is a Bank Heist, instantly putting you into the action and giving a thrilling tutorial as well. It ends poorly for the team, which includes main characters Michael getting severely wounded and Trevor escaping the scene to unknown success. The game proper begins ten years later with Franklin, an automotive repo agent for a car dealership. His early missions involve stealing cars back from delinquent payers, which culminates in him stealing from Michael’s son. Franklin begins working for the retired criminal when a debt comes due and a heist is the best chance for success. Trevor, a psychotic drug trafficker, comes into play after discovering Michael is alive and goes to Los Santos to find out what actually happened ten years prior…


Side missions are numerous, skills like cardio and gunplay are upgradable, the map is absolutely gigantic and non-murderous activities are loads of fun on their own. There is just too much to do and not enough free time to do it.

20130920-130410.jpgAfter completing 40% of the 100% Completion list doing mostly just Story and “Freaks and Strangers” missions (I’d be lying if I said i wasn’t a little disappointed about that) I’m starting to explore a bit more of the non-story options. The hangout mechanic is fun, but I haven’t found a way to track friendship levels if they exist. Taxi missions are still fun and I’m happy to report that after flight school is completed you’ll have little-to-no difficulty with flying.

I hope you’re enjoying this game as much as I am, and if you read this two months from now, we’ll know you already love it.

On a side note, to the parents of the TEN-YEAR-OLD that was standing in line behind me, what the hell were you thinking??? This game was already Rated M (17+), and in addition to the violence we’ve come to expect, there are graphic depictions of strippers, a twitch-inducing torture scene and a cannibalism scene recently confused for a rape scene (Credit to Tyler F. for posting this one). Parents, don’t let your kids play this.


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Andrew Shortall (RedGuinness) is the Writer, Editor, Administrator and founder of Stay-At-Home Gaming. He also suffers from sleepless nights, summer new release withdrawals and trying to behave himself in front of his new nephew.

2 comments on “GTA-Day plus Three

  1. pragmaticbrick
    September 22, 2013

    Looking forward to the full review! Will you be discussing the story including spoilers?

    • RedGuinness
      September 22, 2013

      Definitely no blatant spoilers, but details like Trevor’s psychopathy (or anything else that could be discerned from trailers or the first hour of gameplay) are open season.

      Of course, anyone who hasn’t played at all (no one I know, by the way) will be informed of this before we get into the review.

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