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Battlefield 4: Multiplayer First Impressions


Another holiday season means another round of CoD vs. Battlefield for the crown of best FPS most people will buy!

Also, there are the holidays.

What most people fail to realize is that these are two different approaches to the genre: CoD is faster paced with smaller rooms, superior gunplay and a spectacular singleplayer (in my opinion. Yeah there are plot holes, but I enjoy the ride!) Battlefield, on the other hand, began as primarily multiplayer, featuring massive maps, vehicular combat and a huge number of players. Where CoD is more about lone wolfing with others, Battlefield needs teamwork to work right. Where CoD is more reaction and speed based, Battlefield is all about tactics and strategy.

Well, Battlefield was released first, so it gets the first First Impressions!

20131106-073612.jpgTeamwork = Staying Alive longer.

Right from the start, it is painfully obvious that teamplay is back with a vengeance. Following orders nets more points, vehicles are safer to ride with an Engineer at a second weapon and having a medic to revive you works wonders. The catch is finding a room people will do that. This is probably more prevalent on 360 than PC by a long shot but half the rooms don’t bother with teamplay beyond having extra spawn points for being in a squad. Do these people not realize how this game is supposed to work? Or how much more fun it is on the other half of the servers?

20131106-073535.jpgMaybe it’s just me…

Graphically the game is good looking, but somehow feels like a step backwards from 3. And I wish I had more than a gut feeling to express exactly where I see it. The sounds are well done however, if not par for Battlefield’s exceptional standard.

20131106-073547.jpgTold you. Destroyable buildings.

The maps are also pretty well designed and balanced. Walls are destructible and entire buildings can be destroyed, bringing back a Bad Company fan favorite feature. I have yet to see it with larger buildings, but dying in an uncontrolled demolition left me reconsidering my safety. Everywhere.

20131106-073600.jpgSniping is hard, but makes you feel omnipotent when you headshot at over 250′.

A few things that need improvement, though: there should be sound before thirty seconds into the game (small complaint). The menu shouldn’t be impossible to read when I leave a game (also small). But what the hell was EA thinking by not including a party setup? Multiplayer is infinitely more fun with friends and clan members, but they make it ridiculously hard to set up? CoD has had this part right since the original Modern Warfare. And so have many other series. No excuses why this game shouldn’t have it.

20131106-073521.jpgDeath from above has rarely been this fun.

With the complaints out of the way, I’m not even Level Ten yet, but I’m having a blast. When I reach Ten, ill be able to enter Commander Mode, back from BF2, and really get the destruction started…assuming I connect to the right room…

More to come in the full review!


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