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POST #100! Top Five Celebrations in Video Games


Everybody needs time for a little celebration, and video games do it the best!

That’s not to say that real world celebrations are lackluster, but the freedom video games offer bring the scope of celebrations to levels unseen in our reality. Magical fireworks, airship displays and even crowd sizes are overwhelmingly larger than life when in the hands of a programmer, and rarely to they fall short of inspirational. For Stay-At-Home Gaming’s hundredth article, what better way to celebrate than by celebrating celebration?

Yeah, I got lost in that explanation too.

Here’s our Top Five Celebrations in Video Games!

5.) Bodham Annual Fireworks Festival

(Final Fantasy XIII)


THIS is how you spend a fireworks show!

Sure, it wasn’t the best Final Fantasy game. In fact, there are some decent arguments for it being one of the worst. But there’s no questioning it’s the prettiest of them all. At least so far. So it should be no surprise that the Festival in Bodham was a fantastic looking celebration. In addition, the story shows you this was the last time everything was truly good in the characters’ lives, bringing much more power to the flashbacks to it.

4.) Mardi Gras

(Hitman: Blood Money)


Remember: you’re the bald one.

One of the earliest titles I picked up for the Xbox 360, and also the biggest upgrade to a major party ever. You have three targets to hunt down at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and on Sixth Generation consoles you’d never guess it was Louisiana’s premier event. It’s a ghost town. When you play on a 360 or PS3, the difference is staggering: there are so many people populating the area, you can lose yourself in it, let alone landmarks or the three targets you’re looking for. You’ll never be more thankful for the mini-map…

3.) Millenial Fair

(Chrono Trigger)

20131218-124643.jpgIt’s not as creepy as it looks.

Starting a game with a celebration can be arrogant. For Chrono Trigger, it was foreshadowing for the game’s greatness. Not only does it serve as a competent tutorial for some of the game’s features, it adds the story, character development and setting layers that brought you to Role-Playing Games in the first place. Plus, without the Millenial Fair, why would Lucca make that incredibly impressive, mostly accidental time machine?

2.) Ending Sequence

(Super Mario RPG)


You’re Welcome!

The last collaboration between Square and Nintendo is still one of the best games on the SNES, and features one of the greatest celebrations in games. After the characters all go their separate ways, you watch how the world is overjoyed: Croco is still a jerk, Mallow returns to his home and Bowser begins rebuilding his ruined keep. And the credit sequence has a literal parade going across the bottom of the screen. Only one celebration is on a bigger scale than that…

1.) 1912 Raffle and Fair

(Bioshock Infinite)


Ah, before you knew what a Vox was…

This game is absolutely one of the best celebrations in modern gaming, with the exception of the incredibly racist raffle itself. An amazing throwback to the early 20th century, it has the feel of an old-time fair with enough booth variety to make you feel like it exists. Hot dog stands, a voxophone demonstration and funny themed mini-games not only pull you in, but fully live up to the Columbia residents’ dialogue leading up to it. Though to be completely honest, the real celebration begins when you first see the amazing floating city. If you didn’t slow down to appreciate Irrational Games’ perfectly realized world, you missed the real thing to be happy about.


Did we miss celebrating any better video game celebrations? Cele Rectify it by letting us know in the comment section below!


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