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the Collectionary

the Collectionary

Look around your room for a second: Do you ever take the time to enjoy the wonderful gaming collection you’ve amassed?

Whether it’s an obscure game no one you know has played, or that controller everyone hates but you kind of love (like the SharkPad Pro 64 controller that actually FIT my chubby, eleven-year-old hands in ’98), or even a small pre-order item that you still have around somewhere, you are in possession of a bit of video game history.

ContraOriginal cart of the classic.

Whether these items have any value in money is not the issue. It’s a part of your collection, and therefore valuable. And why would you have a valuable collection if you didn’t want to sell or display it?

The Video Games Collectionary Club is a good place to start looking.

EarthboundStill have mine safely at home.

The Video Games Collectionary Club is just one of the many clubs on the Collectionary website. Their goal is to create a massive database of every collectible, including release dates, ESRB ratings and different editions, all to make it easier for the dedicated collector to find, trade, purchase and learn about these items, common to rare. As a member-driven site, the community provides pictures, item descriptions and links to items on sale. Though most of the current linked redirect to eBay auctions, any site is able to be used. Items receive a rating based on how many people have, want and/or comment on the item, creating an interaction-based community. Moderators are from among the site’s members, and becoming one requires some basic assignments be completed from the menus, like adding descriptions to items and adding pictures.

FFVIIA different kind of Black Label.

Of course, the first thing you want to do when you sign up is to read the privacy and user policies, which are notable in that they are shorter and simpler to read than your average EULA and don’t require a degree in law to understand. After you have, looking up items from your childhood is probably next on your list. As the Video Game section is a newer section, certain things we searched for (like Dungeon Keeper 2 and the original PC X-COM games), were absent, though every time we go back to the site new items are added and there seems to be a drive to make this site as massive as possible. They have a lot of the more contemporary classics already, like Earthbound, Chrono Trigger and old-school consoles, so they definitely have the core items strongly in place, and even some that I’ve never heard of. For example, I had no idea there was a Mountain Dew edition of the original Xbox.

Proton WandTotally real (movie prop).

It seems with every log-in, there are new gems to uncover. And the site isn’t limited to just video games. the Collectionary has been around for a while and has hundreds of other dedicated Collectionary Clubs, like Batman, Board Games, Hello Kitty (for those of you inclined), Star Wars…pretty much anything you can collect, there’s a club for it. Considering the size of some of these Clubs it’s hard to imagine the Video Game section won’t be colossal by the time it’s around as long as some of these others. And once you’ve made an account, all of the clubs are accessed through the one site, so no need to make a different account to discover and take part in new clubs.

TMNT Pinball

Different game, same fun!

Taking the time to explore all there is to offer from this site is a massive undertaking, but it’s worth every item you see. Taking a stroll down memory lane by looking up your childhood toys can be mind-blowing, especially when you just type in a search and see all the different Clubs that apply to your topic. For example, just typing in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brings up a dedicated club and a massive list of items that apply from across the entire site – video games, board games, action figures, etc.

 Final Thoughts

Gold GB

For nostalgia fans, dedicated collectors and even those who just want a little information, this site is definitely worth the visits. And at the rate the Video Game Collectionary Club has been growing, there’s bound to be a huge chunk added to it by the time you read this article. Click the Pic/Link at the top of the page and take a trip down memory lane!

the Collectionary was reviewed using the standard view of the website from a Windows 8 OS. The mobile version of the site was unavailable to be reviewed due to a phone issue. All pictures are property of the Collectionary and used with permission.

What was the first item you looked up on the Collectionary? Let us know in the comments section below!


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