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The Lighter Side of the Sword Coast: The Misadventures of Kalvanis Mantalir Volume II


Entry Two

What a horrible day, horrible indeed! There me and Gorion were, walking along minding our own business when this horrible mad man in spiked armor comes out of nowhere with a host of friends! He told Gorion to hand over his “Ward” I have no idea what that means, but Gorion didn’t seem to want to do that. Gorion told me to run, I wasn’t sure why until that one guy started shooting arrows at me! Arrows! You know, the things you’re supposed to shoot at hay barrels and the like. They were sharp too! He could have taken my eye out! Then…then Gorion died fighting the lot of them off, this isn’t supposed to happen at all, the good guys are supposed to win out, it’s all wrong I say. I felt I had to write this down right away so I wouldn’t forget, but they are still searching the woods so I should probably put this light out.

Note to self: Find out what a ward is, and never pick one up.

Entry Three

Well, things have certainly turned toward the better over the last couple of days. Imoen found me on the road, she followed us out of Candlekeep the little rascal, and then we met several helpful people along the road as well! First a rather portly man who pointed us in the direction of the Friendly Arm inn, where Gorion say I should go if I ever got separated from him…then an old guy with a stick and a funny hat, I think he was a wizard, only wizards wear hats like that. He was nice but a bit strange (I think the old age was getting to him, he talked a little funny). He talked about the Friend;y Arm Inn as well, this must be a pretty popular inn, If I’m going to be a famous bard it seems like a good place to start.


After all that Imoen and I ran into two fellows standing by a road marker. They saw the cuts I got from when I erm…bravely retreated the night before. They offered me a real healing potion and everything! They clearly saw that I had potential, and offered to take me on an adventure with them, real stand up fellows. I told them that I had to go to the Friendly Arm first, and they agreed, though the Halfling seemed a bit agitated. I’m sure he just had a rock in his boot or something. Xzar and Montaron are their names, strange names, I wonder where they are from…

Entry Four

I’m starting to think things are not exactly as they are written in the stories I’ve read. Once again someone has tried to kill me! There we were, minding our own business, about to enter the Friendly Arm Inn when a fellow in black robes came up to us. He was friendly enough at first, asked where we were from, and if my name was Kalvanis. Naturally I was flattered, though not all surprised that he had heard of me, so I told him that I was. He pulled out a piece of paper and I was just getting ready to sign my first autograph when he cast a most wicked spell! It erm…filled me with the desire for a hasty, yet ordered retreat.

You ran like a little girl!

Note to self: Do not let Imoen read my book.


As I was saying, “ordered retreat” anyway his spell casting did not cease there, and he…he killed Xar before Montoran was able to put an end to him. Sure Xzar was a bit off I think, kept going on about dragons and rabbits, but he was a good sort. After the fight Montaron had a few choice words to say and left me and Imoen, I can understand he must really be grieving his friend. After all that I had a rather surly Half-Orc mistake me for a waiter, when I told him otherwise he threatened to beat me. Very rude indeed. On a brighter note though, I have met with two people that Father knew, Khalid and his wife Jaheira. Khalid is nice enough, but Jaheira is a bit of a stick in the mud. Funny thing, they seemed pretty interested in visiting Nashkel just like Xzar and Montaron were, wonder what all the fuss is about…

Check out how the story began in Volume I, and check back soon for Volume III!


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