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Top Five Games That Deserve Novelization

Video games, roleplaying games in particular (in my opinion), but all video games really are an art form. This is something that has been debated in recent years, but something that I wholeheartedly agree with. The graphics and aesthetic styles aside, the story telling alone that takes place in even the simplest of games cannot be overlooked. While the story may be mostly background noise in certain genres of game, such as first person shooters I would put forth it is still the most important aspect of any video game. While some games have better mechanics, or cooler graphics it is in the end the story that pulls us in. This is why in my humble opinion that Halo is one of the most popular first person shooters of all time. Sure it was cool to play with friends, but it also had a compelling background to all the carnage, and that’s what made it and all its sequels great games to play. That being said, just as in every other outlet some stories are better than others, and while many of the greats have already been further immortalized in print, this list will name a few that have some how slipped through the cracks.

5. Rift


A popular MMORPG whose art style and fairly awesome mechanics that have sucked more than a few hours out of my life Rift offers us something even greater. The Rift universe is rich in lore and unique history that could be the background for amazing novels. Whether you may prefer the semi-steampunk feel of the Defiant, or the more classical Medieval High Fantasy-esque Guardians, Rift has something for everyone. The overarching storyline combined with the possibility for epic individual adventures would make Rift a prime candidate for a multiple author world, not unlike the World of Warcraft novels. Personally I would love to read about a group of harrowing Guardians as who battle desperately against the monsters of the Rift to protect the local populace.

4. Fallout


While the timing may seem suspicious, Fallout’s spot on this list has nothing to do with my counterpart reviewing the earlier games. Seriously. Moving on. Anyway, I currently have the exact opposite issue as RedGuinness in that I “have” played the originals, yet have not deigned t pick up New Vegas. You mean the guy who wrote the BG:EE reviews, and is currently playing through BG:EE again played the retro games? Weird I know, but back on topic. This title surprised me quite a bit when I did my cursory research and found that no books had been written about it. Post-apocalyptic world with mutant gangs, and super bugs? How “hasn’t” someone written a novel about it? Ok, sure you could argue that Mad Max counts, but those movies came out before, and they didn’t have shelters made from old silos, so it’s totally different. Totally. Anyway, Fallout deserves some novel love, and I think John Scalzi should write it. Cause…well that would mean I had a new Scalzi book to read, so I guess I’m being a bit selfish. Anyway, Fallout, it needs a book. Moving on.

3. Neverwinter Nights


I know I know, stop with the old as dinosaurs Dungeons and Dragons based games. Hear me out here, while the plot of the game was a bit linear and repetitive the overall story was pretty awesome. Fallen Paladins, lost loves, legions of monsters that want to rip the protagonist’s face off, what’s not to love? And yes, I am quite aware that there is currently a series called Neverwinter Nights, and while Brimstone Angels is a phenomenal book it is not based off of the game at all. The only problem I could see with this book is that most of the compelling characters were villains, which isn’t a terrible thing, but we would need some good guy awesomeness to. So…throw in Deekin, because that little Kobold bard is so full of win and fail at the same time that he deserves a series all on his own. Also it “might” make up for the wholly god awful novelizations of the Baldur’s Gate games. Now I’m depressed and don’t even want to continue…

2. Shadowbane


Another MMORPG, and yes it’s an older one. Stop giving me that look Rift is new, sort of. Anyway the writers behind the Shadowbane game were for all intents and purposes, masterful. The wide array of races with interesting and detailed backstory and lore, the vast history of the world itself, and the unique take on classic genre races wuld make for compelling books. Again, like Rift, and most other MMOs I suspect I think Shadowbane would best benefit from an array of authors. Or just one, I don’t care just start writing! I want tales of the Minotaurs shrugging off their elven slave masters. I want to know more about the dwarves, literally carved from stone and their battles against the Frost Giants. And the Irekei, of god the Irekei, probably the most amazing Dragon worshiping killer elves of well…ok they may be the only ones but still! They are awesome and deserve all the novels.

1. Any Zelda Game Ever (But Mostly Ocarina of Time)


Holy fairies of Hyrule, Batman, how has this not happened yet? While my initial reaction is one of stupor, I have to admit I sort of hesitate to put this at the number one spot. No one can deny the epicness of Links various adventures, but given that it’s a Nintendo game, I have a fear that any book written about it would be geared toward children. Oh hell. I don’t care I’ll be that weird guy in the corner reading kids books, I want a book about Link damn it! Hyrule may possibly the most visited fantasy world in the video game universe. And by that I mean number of sequels not players, but I would not be surprised if it turned out to take that crown as well. The fact that Link has not made it to the written page is a travesty that someone needs to rectify now. Go on. I’m waiting.

I’m sure there are a hundred games that other people would put in front of these, but I wrote the article so… Nani nani na na. No seriously I’d love to hear your opinions, and hey they have comment section right down there! So hit me with your worst…or best suggestions and I’ll try to scramble together a reason beyond “I could only pick five” together for you.


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2 comments on “Top Five Games That Deserve Novelization

  1. Stephen Wolling
    January 14, 2014

    My opinion is that one of the elder scrolls games should be on here. Personally I prefer Morrowind’s story. Although they might already have books and I have no idea. Just one gamers opinion. Other then that, quality list.

  2. failedwell
    January 15, 2014

    There are already Elder Scrolls novels, I haven’t read them personally so I can’t be sure that there “Isn’t” one. But yes, definitely a dynamic world rich with it’s own lore,prime real estate for novels.

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