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The Lighter Side of the Sword Coast: The Misadventures of Kalvanis Mantalir Volume III


Entry Five

Oh boy, the road to Nashkel is a long one.

First we were assaulted by some sort of angry ogre like creatures, they had already killed some poor fellow carrying some post for his wife. I’m not sure why he was heading toward his home with a letter for his loved one…but hey what can you do? Khalid and Jahiera proved to be quite the team, until Khalid got punched and ran away…

With a valiant effort, and a totally intentional tripping of one of the creatures over my prone body, we were able to bring the beasts down. We shall complete our first epic quest and deliver this poor man’s last correspondence to his waiting wife. The creatures also had some loose gold and a few gems which I’m sure did not belong to the man they killed, a fine reward for such heroic work.

Just a few minutes later we were accosted by some Flaming Fist mercenaries, but they were so taken by my obvious charms that they let us go. Tomorrow we reach Beregost! I’m quite excited to see a real town, having never really been outside of Candlekeep before. I bet everyone there will be so helpful!

Entry Six

Beregost is terrible!

It started off just as we thought it would, we delivered the letter to the dead fellow’s wife she thanked us but was so distraught that she forgot to award us. But hey, not everything ends in gold now does it?

Anyway, that positive note behind us we came upon a most distressing scene, as a woman was being accosted by two men in red dresses. (Side note: I have been informed that they were in fact robes) Regardless we agreed to help her, as is a heroes duty, and after a fight that was quite awful, one of the mages burned me! This sort of thing is “not” supposed to happen to the good guys. Neera, that was the accosted woman’s name asked to join us. We said of course since she seemed fairly good with a spell, and seemed like she needed help. Kalvanis has a cruuuuuuush!

Neera“Eat flaming…or possibly frosty, death!”

Note to Self: Keep book under lock and key somehow, Imoen is not to be trusted.

Where was I? Oh right, well after that ordeal we all agree we need to take a break, so we go into this Inn. Right as we enter an angry Dwarf yells my name and charges me like a mad man, axe swinging all about. Someone could have gotten hurt! After we summarily beat the fellow into unconciousness we checked his body, and found that he had a bounty…with “my” name on it! I knew I was famous and all but this is not the kind of attention I wanted!

After we finally get a drink and place to rest for a bit we set about the town, I wanted to see some of the sights despite Jaheira constantly nagging that we should keep on South. We ran into a fellow, Bard named Garrik, he said his patron needed some help from some thugs from a rival Inn, already seeing what Inns were like in this town we agreed to help. But when we get everything worked out and the men arrive it turns out this Silke person was the true villian!

Silke“These guys don’t look like thugs, I mean that one is wearing bright green and gold…”

As soon as we confronted her about her obviously dastardly ways she began casting a spell…and let me tell you I’m not sure my hair will ever go down. How am I supposed to perform like this? I look ridiculous!

Too top it all off apparently some mad man is out in the woods. Killing people, raising them as zombies, and having tea parties. What. In. The. Nine. Hells. I mean seriously people! I’m really starting to think the writers of all those tales were leaving out a lot of key details…


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