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Week in Review: 1/25/14

Another week in review for the blogging community!

It’s been a rough week, between work, studying to be a Notary and a family hospital trip (all’s well now). Next week will be better for posts, but this week had some good ones across the web. Here were three of our favorites!

Video Game Role Models


Super Metroid was my first game on the SNES, my favorite console thus far. When I realized Samus was a woman, I didn’t realize what an incredible breakthrough that was. All I knew was she was a kick-ass character, and I haven’t seen any better ones since.

For some, she represents far more than that, and as an adult (stretching the credibility of the word a bit, undoubtedly), I appreciate that. Check out Working Gaming Mom’s impressions of the fantastic Samus.

Skyrim Chicken Murderer


The best part of big-world RPGs like Mass Effect, Skyrim and Fallout is discussing the unique paths your friends take. Some are the good guys, saving the village from bandits, others are bad, extorting the village, and others, who set off old nuclear bombs in the middle of Megaton get giggle and an eye on them whenever they come around you’re house again.

Then there are those, like Julia of I Suck at Being a Teenage Girl, who make you roll over laughing with the trials they go through. By the way, that title was not mine, it’s one of hers. Freakin’ hysterical.

Super Dress-Up RPG!

Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy fans will never agree on whether Squall or Cloud were a better character (Cloud), if Final Fantasy XIII killed the series (it didn’t, but substance is losing out to style), or which one was the best in the series (VI should be the only right answer, but opinions…), but one thing the majority of us agree on is the sequel games (Dirge of Cerberus, X-2, XIII-2) never come out better than the original and sometimes even take away from it.

But while most would just mock the game, The Credible Hulk gives X-2 a fair shakedown, giving valid criticism that even fans of the game would see the merit in. His review is down below.


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  1. WGMom
    January 27, 2014

    Ah! Thank you!

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