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Politics with Bloodshed: Battlefield vs Call of Duty Part II

CoverAnother holiday season brought us another battle between the massive giants of FPS: EA’s Battlefield 4 and Activision’s Call of Duty: Ghosts. Which series will win the battle this year?



Staying with its formula, Battlefield makes every man into a monster, able to pilot, drive and otherwise control every land, air and sea vehicle and gun emplacement there is. This game has no concept of an Occupational Field, which doesn’t make anyone too sad.

Call of Duty

Also sticking with the tried-and-true, this game is adrenaline-inducingly fast, has plenty of multiplayer customization and otherwise shocks and awes with magnificent set-pieces and unlikely missions. Also known as the Michael Bay approach.

Bottom Line

No one wins this round. Though both formulas are winning in their own right and would otherwise tie, there’s not enough difference from last year in either series to merit a competition. No contest.

ConceptThe “Spec Ops: The Line” Facepalm Award.



Battlefield is not well known for having a great storyline, though this time around they were more successful. A great introduction (who doesn’t like soldiers complain about Bonnie Tyler?), a plot not too far from believable, and a number of heart wrenching moments, like the soldiers over on the Titan, makes for a much stronger effort, as well as multiple endings, which CoD didn’t have this year…

Call of Duty

But honestly, who cares about multiple endings? It’s a last minute choice anyway. Call of Duty has explosions! Lots of them! Seriously though, this one features a story evolving around a family with a connection to a Spec Ops group, underwater and space combat, a great rappelling section, and a bad guy you really want to see dead. It may not be the game I expected it to be from the trailers (last-licks America my ass…) but it did manage to keep my attention longer than it’s opponent. Plus it has a dog. A cute dog. Named Riley. And they DON’T kill it.

Bottom Line

Battlefield is improving, but still can’t take CoD. And it doesn’t even have a dog. Dogs are cute, and cute always wins.

Riley-2If he operated the .50 cal, this would be perfect.



What really makes this game wonderful is the way you can really play it any way you want. You want to relive Team Fortress? Customize the assault pack and defibrillate your way to victory. Want to plow over your enemies with treads and tank shells? You never have to leave your tank. Want to seduce your enemy into inaction? Picked up the wrong game, but there are plenty of ways to play, and each of them gives you decent points, meaning kills aren’t the only way to win. But you can do that too! Controls are a little slow to respond, but the massive maps and “Levolution” makes it understandable.

Call of Duty

Squads offers an interesting new way to play and Extinction carries on the great traditions of Nazi Zombies and Starship Troopers, but traditional multiplayer is still the standard. Still the best FPS controls on the market and it may be just me but the game seems to play in double the speed of any of the last games. Maps are semi-destructible, but nowhere near the degree of its competitor. CoD does have a crapload more gametypes, and that is something to consider.

Bottom Line

Variety of ways to play, but only a few (less than ten) game modes, versus few ways to play (pretty much weapon type) but multiple (more than ten with Hardcore variants) game modes. Tied, as personal preference of play style decides this one.

GameplayGunplay or tank shells? I…can’t decide!



Frostbite 3 looks fantastic. Little more needs to be said.

Call of Duty

IW Engine and Havok create a gorgeous looking game, and may even be a little smoother, but doesn’t approach the beauty of Frostbite 3.

Bottom Line

The overall prettiness of BF4 beats out the combined graphics of CoD.

GraphicsThe obvious winner.



Guns sound real, foreign enemies speak other languages and superior officers are ornery. Characters are well voice acted and the military-speak is convincingly accurate. The gigantic explosions and city-rending effects are much better here.

Call of Duty

Guns sound real, foreign enemies speak other languages and superior officers are ornery. The weapons here seem to have more impact, the script is appropriately balanced between casual and paramilitary talk, and the music is much better utilized here. Oh, and Brandon Routh plays your brother.

Bottom Line

The guy who plays Superman, Ramona’s Vegan Ex AND Daniel Shaw is your brother. CoD win by default.


He’s just so damn charming…

Fun Factor


Commander mode is fantastic for RTS gamers, Kill streakers have multiple ways to enjoy themselves, and non-murdery players can score higher than people with a higher K/D than them. Plus, JETS! Remember the jets? There are other vehicles too! You’re rewarded for working well in a squad as opposed to lone wolfing, and Conquest may the most fun game mode ever. Fun for literally everyone who isn’t trying to seduce the enemy.

Call of Duty

The frantic gameplay combined with a shorter game time makes for more humorous moments. Does however require you to have incredible reflexes, an experienced hand at faster paced FPS games, and a decent tolerance for the more vocal crowd (hint: haven’t been in a game yet between 10am to 12pm without hearing a racist, homophobic, sexist, or otherwise crude remark. Most rooms have all of the above.

Bottom Line

Mature gamers who cooperate with their team make for better experiences than…CoD players. BF wins.

Fun FactorDon’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed, CoD players…



The campaign mode is worth at least three times through, one for each ending. In addition, an in-game scoring system keeps you competing with friends for the top score. The multiplayer, however is where the most time will be spent. Unlockables are numerous, tactics and strategy are almost limitless, and the raw number of medals, trophies and the much beloved Commander mode will steal your days away like banks steal your money. In America, that is a lot. Now if only EA would get it stable…

Call of Duty

Call of Duty’s campaign has Intel items, but with collectibles from BF4, the only real reason to replay it is to see the amazing set pieces again. Multiplayer, again, is where the hours turn into days. Fast paced matches keep you from getting bored with any single match, and the variety alone can blow your mind. Plus, at least CoD is stable…

Bottom Line

I love me some Commander Mode (UNLIMITED POWER!!!) but really, CoD wins simply on the fact that it doesn’t crash every five matches.

ReplayCan’t win if I can’t play your game.

Moment of Truth

Though much closer this year, Brandon Routh and a German Shepherd keep CoD a notch ahead if you play the singleplayer, and Commander Mode, jets and a more cooperative and less obnoxious player base make BF4 the clear multiplayer choice. But let’s be honest, you already have both and play whatever your friends do anyway!

Commander Mode

See you folks next year! Until then, Commander Mode!


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Andrew Shortall (RedGuinness) is the Writer, Editor, Administrator and founder of Stay-At-Home Gaming. He also suffers from sleepless nights, summer new release withdrawals and trying to behave himself in front of his new nephew.

3 comments on “Politics with Bloodshed: Battlefield vs Call of Duty Part II

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  3. AMGfail
    February 10, 2014

    I definitely enjoyed the offline content of Ghosts more than BF4, but you’re right, personal preference will always determine which multiplayer you’re going to enjoy more.

    I’m enjoying the teamwork aspect and overall maps more in BF4 than the one-man-army Killstreak priorty of CoD. I also find less sniper campers in BF4 since many of the game modes I enjoy playing force you to move from one objecting to another.

    I wasn’t a big fan of Ghosts maps and the spawn positions are way too congested. So many times I’d spawn right in front of (or behind) someone who has unloaded a clip in me before I can take a step forward. The dog killstreak is also super annoying.

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