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The Lighter Side of the Sword Coast: The Misadventures of Kalvanis Mantalir Volume IV


Entry Seven

I’m not sure I like Nashkell much better that Beregost.

Once again we walk into the local inn and are accosted by yet another assassin. This one had the decency to tell us her name before summarily trying to kill us, though I forget what she said it was…

Neera proved helpful with her spells though, which brings up another point. I know all the villains in the stories I’ve read have been ultimately outdone by the superior wit of the heroic adventurer…but who charges four armed people…alone? Seems a bit silly to me.

But at least we were only attacked once here, so that makes it a little bit better. The master of bounties mistook me for a man named Greywolf, and offered to pay me for a job well done. Being the honest hero that I am I corrected the man’s mistake and didn’t take his money, he seemed very grateful. Right nearby Berrun Ghastkill approached us and told us that there has been problems with the mines southeast of town, and we agreed to check into it (maybe now Jaheira will stop nagging us…).

The only problem is that we ran into another man named Minsc, a rather giant fellow who carries around a hamster. He has proclaimed that he has lost his witch! And that he needs our help in rescuing her from a Gnoll fortress a few days to the west. We agreed to help him, but Jaheira keeps giving me the evil eye when I talk about going there before investigating the mines. Surely saving a distressed damsel is more heroic than lurking about some smelly mine, I suppose I’ll have to sleep on it.

Entry Eight

We have decided on the clearly more heroic path of traveling to aid Minsc in his quest to save his witch Dynier. Even though Jaheira does not seem happy, even calling into question the sanity of our Ranger friend (I suppose his assertion that Boo is in fact an miniature giant space hamster is a bit odd…) I believe we are doing the right thing. Khalid seems to agree, though he would never say so in front of his wife, and Imoen is ever supportive.

That’s right!

Note too self: Get a better lock.

We have come rather far, and we had quite the epic battle against an army of small blue skinned creatures Jahiera named as Xvarts, a strange name that I suspect she made up, but I don’t have anything to base that off of. Imoen took down a number with her bow while Jahiera, Khalid, and I battled fiercely at the front with our sharp blades and cunning wit.

In even bigger news I have learned my first spell! Surely I am well on my way to being an Archmage as well as a master swordsman. That small mishap where I dropped one of my swords could have happened to anyone. And yelped like a girl too!

Addendum: I did not yelp like a girl, also find a way too magic this book shut…


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