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The Lighter Side of the Sword Coast: The Misadventures of Kalvanis Mantalir Volume V


Entry Nine


After a long arduous road we have finally retrieved Minsc’s witch from the dastardly Gnolls that had captured her. The battle to get there was suitably epic, as we fought our way through hordes of the wolf headed creatures. Minsc has proved to be quite the addition to our group, his berserker strength tempered by the wise teachings of his hamster Boo have made him a formidable warrior. Neera turned several of the creatures into little rabbits, she says it was purely intentional…but I have my doubts.

We found Minsc’s damsel companion in a pit surrounded by the vicious gnolls and fought hard to reach her. In the end their keep was completely cleared, and while I said we should claim the keep as ours Jaheira insisted that that isn’t how land ownership works. Buzzkill. Regardless we have much celebrating to do, even though Minsc and Dynheir are planning on leaving us once we get back to town.

And he only tripped twice!

That was totally not my fault—Note to self: Do not have arguments in this book, doubly remember to find a way to magic this book closed.

Entry Ten

It seems we cannot even do a simple thing as saying goodbye without some mad man trying to kill us! Though this time his target was Minsc and Dynheir, so that was a nice change of pace for me. He was a Red Robed mage, and spoke with the same strange accent as those that tried to take Neera. At first I thought they were here for her, but he pointed at Dynheir and demanded that we hand her over. Minsc cut off his head, the fight didn’t last very long…

Again, I have to question why someone would approach a fully armed group like ours…Anyway, Minsc and Dynheir said their goodbyes once we got back to town, I think I’ll miss the big Rashemi.

You’ll miss walking behind Dynheir more likely!

That is just not true why would you write that? Right no more arguments in my journal, stop writing in this journal Imoen! Hah! Not likely.

Note to self: HIRE a mage to magic this book closed.

Entry Eleven

We have finally made it to the mines of Nashkell, and I think everyone is eager to get moving and finally start to figure out what is going on with this iron crisis.

After saying goodbye to Minsc and Dynheir we traveled past the carnival (Jaheira refused to waste anytime there…worry wart) toward the quarry. One our way we were stopped by some men who turned out to be bandits. While the leader was going on some diatribe about how amazing he was a large half-orc charged up from behind and killed three of his men! Not being one too miss an opportunity I ordered my friends into the conflict. Wasn’t that Jaheira who told us to charge?

No, it was “not” Jaheira, and stop writing in this book!

Anyway, we handled the bandits in a timely manner and stopped to speak with the half-orc. I wanted to offer the fellow a place in our group, but Imoen was creeped out by him, and even Khalid didn’t like the look of him. (I think they might be a little racist…) Anyway, he said something about us being foolish to let him go, and stormed off.

Before entering the mine we explored a little.

You mean you got us lost!

I did not get…ANYWAY! We explored a little and came across this nice man trying to complete a sculpture into the rock side. He said that a man named Greywolf was coming after him, and we agreed to protect him…this may have been a bad idea. Greywolf turned out to be a very experienced bounty hunter, and we were only just able to subdue him. Though, Khalid did get a fancy new sword out of it, and Neera was able to divine it’s qualities…after she erm…accidentally turned it pink. Regardless it’s quite the blade, and I think Jahiera has finally stopped laughing, so we’ll be making our way into the mines now.


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