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Top Five Gaming Arguments For Valentine’s Day


Love is in the pixels…

Now that we’ve covered how love can be miserable, let’s talk about how great it is! Honestly, love is an amazing force, making you do crazy things. There are many responsibilities that come with it, but the fact that there is someone in the world who’s thinking about you, supports you and lovingly makes you empty your wallet with a smile is a testament to the greatness that is love. And despite the games that show how horrible it can be, there’s just as many that will prove them wrong.

Here is our Top Five Gaming Arguments For Valentine’s Day!

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Cheryl and Harry Mason


Who said love was exclusively between couples? Harry Mason is Cheryl’s dad, a man searching relentlessly for his daughter through a nightmarish reality full of monsters. Assuming you play through the game the right way, Harry is a family man who cares deeply for Cheryl. Unfortunately, as we find out at the game’s conclusion, Harry has died some time ago and the entire game was a delusion of Cheryl who was trying to keep him alive. But with the proper ending, Cheryl moves on with her life following a final talk with the ghost of her father. Life can’t last forever, but the love of a father can.

Super Mario Bros

Mario and Peach

Mario-PeachThe most classic couple in gaming. Since the beginnings of rescuing the Princess from that pushy ex-boyfriend Bowser, Mario has fought through literal armies of Koopa Troopas, Goombas and Bullet Bills to rescue her. Whether alone, with his brother or with the only help he can get (seriously, Toad? How are there not mercenaries in the Mushroom Kingdom?), Mario puts up with the high maintenance and Peach overlooks his humble, other side of the tracks background as a plumber. Then again, with the number of pipes in her domain, Peach is probably dating a millionaire.

Final Fantasy VII

Cloud, Aeris and Tifa

Cloud-Tifa-AerisWhile it may not be the game-long romance of VIII or the happy ending of X and X-2, this one was always the most intricate romance of the Playstation One Final Fantasy games. Tifa was Cloud’s childhood friend. Aeris was the flower girl who’s garden saved his life. Cloud fulfilled his promise to come back to save Tifa and was paid with the promise of a date to be Aeris’ bodyguard. Tifa always loved Cloud, and Aeris trusted him implicitly. We could go on about the crossdressing, working for peanuts and the pain it all caused, but we all know Aeris saved the world for Cloud and Tifa stuck by him the whole time. If you have trouble deciding which one you want to root for, just remember, Barret is also an option for that Golden Saucer date.

Brutal Legend

Eddie and Ophelia


Ah, the life of a Roadie. Eddie Riggs, the world’s best roadie, is stuck working with a crappy pop band until his belt buckle transports him to a world inspired by Heavy Metal music. I know, weird, but Tim Schafer makes it work, as does the voice of Jack Black for Eddie, who soon meets the beautiful gothic badass Ophelia. Their relationship develops from adorable (but metal) crush to possible love until Riggs and his allies start to suspect Ophelia as a spy. He is forced to leave her behind, and her sadness causes her to drown herself in the Sea of Black Tears (Shakespeare fans saw it coming). She becomes a villain, fights against Eddie and has her heart torn out by the evil Doviculus. Eddie fights through two separate armies and recovers the heart to save the girl he loves. Sure the ending is a little ambivalent, but until a sequel comes out I’m going to assume her mascara was running and they had adorable Heavy Metal children.

Every BioWare Game

All of them


The best argument of romance in gaming can be found in any and all games made by BioWare. Numerous options for love means you’re never stuck with one choice, all of them are well paced so as not to feel cheated, and most of them have a gift giving/equipping aspect meaning relationships will cost you money: just like real life! Plus, your choices are what makes the whole thing work, so you can even have fights like real couples! Of special note, Shepard/Steve Cortez was a fantastically written romance, Warden/Alistair was one of the funniest and most awkward relationships ever (second to mine), Shepard/Jack was somehow the most moving of all the relationships in that game and who doesn’t love a little Revan/Bastilla on the dark side? BioWare does romance the best, and no one else comes close.

Have a romance that better fits on this list? Let us know in the Comments below!


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