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Week in Review: 2/22/14

Nothing can stop the Week in Review! Nothing!!!

Some personal problems at home have slowed down the articles this week, but hopefully they won’t stop us next week! And fortunately, there are plenty of great writers out there that don’t have our problems. Here are my favorites of the week.

A New Argument on Gender

Phoenix Down

I have a pretty strong stance on the inclusion of characters of all varieties in video games. Whether it’s different races, cultures, genders, creeds, etc., there are so many ways a different viewpoint can add to the complexity and interest of a game. Unfortunately, it seems that there is a powerful interest group advocating dark haired, muscled white guys to be the main characters of most games (please see the past few years of releases).

Crystal K.M. has a few thoughts on a new requirement some gamers have: the influence of a checklist.

Fall of the Titans


If there’s one reason I’m upset I don’t have a next-gen system it’s because I want to yell at my game system and have it follow my orders. But if there are two, it’s because Titanfall won’t be nearly as breathtaking on a 360. Normally graphics aren’t as important to me, but with 60 E3 awards I want to enjoy every small bit this game has to offer.

Now, thanks to GeekSleepRinseRepeat, I’m starting to rethink where my tax return is going this year. Their overview of the Titanfall Beta makes me seriously want to play this game.

Mad Moxxi’s Snorefest

Mad Moxxi

There’s nothing like an old game to make you smile. Especially when it comes to highly-rated, awesome co-op games. I never quite finished the original Borderlands, mostly because co-op isn’t as fun alone, but now my brother Mike and I are tearing through it. We haven’t hit any of the DLC yet, but if Gam3rG1rl’s impressions of Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot are any indication, I might not like them all…

Credit Where it’s Due


The most understated fact in video games is the fact that sound makes the game, and voice acting is one of the most important aspects to that. The Credible Hulk has already given us an impressive Top Five list for voice actors, and now that list has been extended by another five great names. He even notes two greats, Yuri Lowenthal and Nolan North, who didn’t make this list, but no doubt they will hit the next one.

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One comment on “Week in Review: 2/22/14

  1. willgsrr
    February 24, 2014

    Thanks for the mention!
    Titanfall is really good and I was very impressed with the Beta. I can’t wait to get it.

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