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Adding to the Trilogy: Yes or No?


A new game is being developed in the Mass Effect universe, and I’m not sure how to feel.

On the one hand, Mass Effect is one of the best examples of what BioWare, a company with no shortage of love from me, can do with a game series. On the other hand, we’ve seen in many cases how trying to stretch out an IP to a fourth installment or offshoot series can go wrong. How are we supposed to feel? Let’s put the points on the board.




How often do these things work? Scream was a decent trilogy if we forget the third one. However, Scream 4 was a pale imitation of what made the series fun. The Alien series was absolutely mind blowing, again forgoing the third one, though Movie Defense Force made a decent case for it. Then Alien Resurrection was released and you could see the dollar signs in the studio executives’ eyes, and the tears in Joss Whedon’s. And Jaws…well that series was chum the second they went past the first one, but The Revenge went down in history as being especially abysmal. If we learned one thing from Trilogies in film, it’s not to make a third entry. But if it’s two things, the second would be keep the number at three.

20140227-124007.jpgTwice this guy tried to ruin Metal Gear.

Then we have the offshoot, or spinoff, which is likely where Mass Effect’s new entry will go, considering that whole *YEAR OLD SPOILER* world ending, story resolving, Reapers-have-been-defeated thing. And this option isn’t much better. Joey, The Cleveland Show, Evan Almighty, Joanie Love Chachi, and AfterMASH are all examples of how to take a good thing and make you sad this is where it all went. Even video game spinoffs like Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX, Death by Degrees, and the recent Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance all prove that sometimes games need to be left alone to die, remembered for the joy they brought, not by how the developers should have stopped with the main series.



Still the best in the series.

Who the hell doesn’t want to see more out of their favorite series? The beautiful thing about video games is that each entry can be improved or changed, unlike an action film which is still perceived the one way. Although not following up on a trilogy framework Metal Gear Solid 4, Resident Evil 4, and Halo 4 have all been considered the best of their respective series. There is no movie, aside from maybe The Bourne Legacy (because I have a man crush on Jeremy Renner), that can claim that distinction.

20140227-123932.jpgSo many fun-filled nights!

And some video game spinoffs are really good, like a lot of the Mario spinoffs (Party, Kart, RPG), Age of Mythology, hell the original Modern Warfare could be considered a spinoff of the WWII-exclusive Call of Duty series, and the original MW was fantastic. And considering the amount of love BioWare puts into their games it’s doubtful they would ever release a product that isn’t at least up to their high standards (the ending, of course, is a different debate…)

What Do You Think?

Of course these are early arguments. We hardly know anything about the new game yet, aside from the fact it is being made. Fans of the series are already saving up and those burned by the end of ME3 are already writing it off, but we’re curious to see what you, the good readers of SAH Gaming, think of the idea. Should game companies continue to bring us the series that we love or should they just leave a good thing alone? Leave a comment below and join the conversation!


About RedGuinness

Andrew Shortall (RedGuinness) is the Writer, Editor, Administrator and founder of Stay-At-Home Gaming. He also suffers from sleepless nights, summer new release withdrawals and trying to behave himself in front of his new nephew.

5 comments on “Adding to the Trilogy: Yes or No?

  1. pragmaticbrick
    February 27, 2014

    Oh boy… I’m incredibly worried about Mass Effect 4: The ‘Redemptionings’. Biowares lost a lot of credit and respect after the Mass Effect: 3 debacle so it’s likely that they’ll play it really, really safe. Which is exactly the opposite of what the series needs…

    We saw some really cool stuff in DA2 that subverted a lot of Bioware’s own tropes, and while the execution was poor the ideas were strong. I highly doubt that ME 4 will do anything like this. I bet it will be nothing more than shlocky fanservices.

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  3. MissRhiosace
    March 2, 2014

    I sort of disagree with the fact that Bioware will play it safe now. Mass Effect 3 did exactly what they wanted it to do, have people go crazy and continue to talk about it.
    I read a site with quotes from Casey Hudson and so forth the other day, I can’t find it, but they seemed to get pretty frustrated at people calling it “Mass Effect 4”. They want people to know that this is going to be completely new, not a sequel or a prequel. I’m worried though, Mass Effect is my favourite game, I still play it now even though I’ve completed it BILLIONS of times.
    I dont know how its going to work, like you said with the Reapers being dead (if you even picked that), maybe they’ll focus on a different galaxy, but then I still really want to play as a human (I still want to play as Shepard even, but, you’re right with sequels mostly sucking and I think it’s time to quit when people still want more) . Or maybe they’ll go down the route of, destroying a threat creates a bigger one, kind of the way, “I Am Legend” went with curing cancer and it causing its own apocalyptic problems. Or maybe even it will go ridiculous and we’ll find out that Mordin was also working on a time machine and now we can go back in time and kill the Leviathan so they cant create the intelligence which created the Reapers in the first place. I probably shouldn’t even joke about that.

    I think there’s a shed load of pressure on Bioware now, and I think most people will buy the game just to see if theres any answers to the questions people still have about the series. With it being confirmed on Xbox One though, there’s no way anything we did in the trilogy is going to matter in the new one, can’t use save files, so I think a sequel is out of the question unless they used canon endings, which no one would want.

    Great post! Thanks for the shout out before too, sorry, I’ve been a bit quiet of late and haven’t much responded to comments. It meant a lot, thank you! 🙂

    • RedGuinness
      March 3, 2014

      Pragmatic, I fear the same. Mass Effect 3 hurt BioWare, but I always felt that the ending was the only thing wrong with the game.

      I seriously hope the new Mass Effect doesn’t go the route of taking the easy way out, mostly because they are in such a position to show us why we love their games in the first place.

      Rhio, there are two ways I can see the new one going. One is to base the game on the N7 Program, probably before, during and after the events of the ME Trilogy, combining the four party member Tactics system of Dragon Age with the Third-Person Shooting of Mass Effect. The second would be an MMORPG the likes of The Old Republic, which I really hope it’s not. I think KOTOR deserved a singleplayer conclusion and I hope Mass Effect continues the grand tradition.

      And you’re welcome for the shout out! Your Minecraft Walking Dead Coaster was fantastic and all my friends who love the show agree.

      • MissRhiosace
        March 4, 2014

        Yeah I’ve thought about that N7 program thing too, as bioware were asking fans “What does N7 mean to you?” and the training program was pretty detailed in the Citadel DLC. The thing with that is though, is that if you’ve read the books and comics, Mass Effect 4 will blatantly just be something the fans have already experienced.

        I also heard about the fact they were going to use Dragon Age type game mechanics, I don’t know how true this is, Dragon Age was okay, but it’s definitely not Mass Effect.

        Without a doubt, Mass Effect is definitely the best single player game out there, story wise (Although I agree with the ending of ME3). I love doing side missions, Mass Effect have nailed side missions, other games side missions tend to be boring/repetitive and not really helpful to the game other than for achievements.

        I think every super fan of Mass Effect, is worried right now! :/

        Take care x

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