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The Lighter Side of the Sword Coast: The Misadventures of Kalvanis Mantalir Volume VI


Entry Twelve

As was inevitable. The plot has indeed thickened!

As we bravely made our way into the depths of the Nashkell mines, we were assaulted by dozens of the most devious, vicious, and tenacious creatures creatures in the whole of Faerun.


These creatures had apparently been killing miners, and pouring some sort of acid upon any iron ore that was left unattended. On top of that that nearly filled the lower tunnels, at it was only through my gallant leadership, and the steely resolve of my companions that we were able to make it through.



That and kobolds couldn’t hit a barn from five feet away with their bows.

Untrue Imoen! Untrue indeed. In fact a number of us were wounded in the tight tunnels, and it took an expert rationing of our resources to survive. – Didn’t you drink three potions when that one kobold tripped and nicked your shin?

It was a vicious wound that nearly hobbled me! Stop taking my journal!

Moving on. After battling our way deep into the depths of the mine, we came across a side cavern, where the kobolds seemed to be congregating. After another grueling contest we made our way inside to find that the kobolds were being commanded by a large Half-orc!

But this was no dim witted buffoon, and he quickly saw through our clever ruse of pretending to be sent by his masters. ~Yeah cause you told him we were working for Nashkell!

A hero never lies! Anyway, we were forced to do battle with the man, and he summoned forth a horde of Skeletons to do battle against us. After a valiant effort we dispatched them, and sadly had to do the same with the half-orc leader. ~You hid, screaming for half the fight…

Fell magics! And that’s it, I’m just ignoring your comments now. Within the half-bloods room we found a chest containing several documents and mention of a man named Tranzig, staying in Beregost. From what we gathered the half-orc was not working alone, and we will get to the bottom of this! Things sure are looking up.

Entry Thirteen


“Seriously who needs assassins when you look like that…”

Someone tried to kill us. Again.

After our suitably heroic return from the mines too an extremely happy mayor, and more than a few relieved miners our happiness was once again interrupted. Near the entrance to the Inn we were assaulted by a rather dramatic fellow named Nimbul, who was quite full of himself. He was a bit less cocky when Neera turned him into a chicken. Heh. Get it?

No one likes puns.

Everyone likes puns! They are the highest form of comedy! And STOP TAKING MY JOURNAL!

Nimbul had a note on him as well, yet another bounty with my name on it. Either there is another Kalvanis out there, or someone really is trying to kill me! The mines taken care of Jahiera and Khalid are more inclined to do what ever I see fit, finally. I was thinking a nice long vacation in the south, but Neera wants us to track down another wild mage for her, the woes of leadership I suppose.


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