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Week in Review: 3/1/14

Welcome to a caring and thoughtful Week in Review!

I’m starting to get upset with myself for only having two posts up this week. Granted, work is gearing up, but it isn’t an acceptable excuse. More articles means happier visitors and we like the happy! Here were some of the articles we loved this week!

Critical Self-Reflection


When we write a review, we are careful to consider many aspects of a game, knowing that reading our work can impact someone giving a game a shot or not. We also consider other games in our views, not simply our personal enjoyment of a game, knowing our opinions should not be the only consideration. But does complaining about a game mean we don’t like it? PragmaticBrick has some thoughts on the topic.

Complaining and Games

Caught in the Act


Dusty Cartridge was one of the first sites I followed when I started this site, and they were instrumental in my feelings that the future of video game writing may not necessarily be in the US or Japan. When I saw they had reviewed Thief, I was excited, knowing the review would be fair, well thought out and most of all entertaining. Though their score was surprising, I trust it. Check out the full review by Jon Solmundson here.

Thief Review

Charity Begins at Home


There are many people who donate their money to charitable causes, and anyone who does has higher respect in my book, but the ones who donate their time get a special place higher in said book. You’ve seen 1001-Up on this feature before, but never with a higher regard from me. Starting with a goal of 400, they managed 535.60, and the charity itself, SpecialEffect, has raised over 38,000 as of the article. Please take a moment to visit the charity, and then leave a comment on 1001-Up’s article to let them know they’re good people (and leave a donation to be a good person yourself).


Gamely Givings

Superman Dies…and Lives!


And for your daily dose of geekdom, think about comic book deaths… I know, they never last. I can feel your eyeballs rolling. But think about the events that surround the deaths of heroes; the lead-up, the event and the lives changed. Even if a superhero does come back, it can leave lasting effects on the ones who carry on forever. Or not, but give the argument a good thought and read this one from The Credible Hulk, then decide for yourself.


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