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Week in Review: 3/8/14

Welcome to another sorrowful Week in Review!

It’s been another empty week for us, and we’ve had enough! We started this week better with a review of Kairosoft’s Ninja Village, and we’ll be following up soon with one for The Walking Dead: Season Two’s second episode. We’re bringing it back this week, work be damned!

Fortunately the lonely bus rides home are made comfy by the great articles we’ve read this week!

Off With His Head!


We all know that offshoots can be pretty hit or miss when it comes to video games, but some really hurt when you know how great it could have been. The Sims: Medieval happens to be this week’s casualty in Gamer Girlie’s review!

The Sims: Medieval Review

Classic Games are Better


Name me a gamer who had an N64 and didn’t pick up a copy or three of Goldeneye 007. Can’t think of anybody? That’s probably because this game was freaking amazing, changing perceptions of what an FPS game could be, let alone that consoles could do it great. As always, 1 More Castle gives us another great review, fair, honest and free of my fanboy love!

Goldeneye 007 Review

Garden Warfare in Detail


It’s one thing to tell people how to play video games. It’s completely better when you can watch a video and be given strategy that works with example. I haven’t picked up PvZ: Garden Warfare yet (The Stick of Truth is the next on my slowly realized list) but What’s Your Tag’s new video segment, Class Spotlight, is making me reconsider where my next $60 will go.

Class Spotlight: The Sunflower/#more-10455

Vampires Don’t Have to Sparkle


We all know what Twilight has done to the formerly awesome mystique that was Vampires. They don’t shine like diamonds in the sun, they combust, melt and leave a trail of dust in the wind. The Credible Hulk remembers the true greats with his Top 5 Vampires list: “100% Glitter Free!”

Top 5 Vampires


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One comment on “Week in Review: 3/8/14

  1. Mileson
    March 10, 2014

    The fact that PvZ is only $40 only sweetens the deal. Thanks for sharing!

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