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Week in Review: 3/15/14

Welcome to a happier Week in Review!

Definitely had a better week. Got two articles out, picked up the new South Park game and have three articles in the process of being done! This week will be a better week.

As always, there are plenty of great writers to check out between the ones you read here, but fair warning: this list is opinionated! These were the ones we enjoyed the most this week!

Watchy Dawgs Rant


I don’t have a next-gen console, and not counting my dwindling bank account, the pushing back of Watch Dogs was the main reason. With each bit of news I read on the game, however, I begin to wonder if I’ll get a next-gen console at all…unless Alien Isolation gets a good review. Then I’m getting one for sure. Anyway, should a game like Watch Dogs bring serious issues like human trafficking into the game? PragmaticBrick makes a pretty good case against it. Plus, he watches Unforgotten Realms. Anyone who watches Unforgotten Realms wins the argument.

Let’s Rant ‘Bout Watch Dogs

Two Halves of the Same Whole

Dark Souls-Pokemon

Pokémon is a game filled with sunshine, colorful characters, a mostly supportive world and an overwhelming sense of joy and happiness. Dark Souls is pretty much its complete polar opposite. But Ben of 1001-Up had a sleep-deprived revelation: they’re actually the same game! Get a good laugh and perhaps a moment of realization with this one.

Why Pokemon and Dark Souls are the Same Game

You Only Live x99 Times

1up_mushroomAny gamer who has played an arcade game or Nintendo console should be familiar with 1-Ups and Extra Lives. These were the things we got when we pumped more quarters into the machine and why we know the the map for Vanilla Secret 2 by heart. But is it more of a nuisance than it’s worth? United We Game’s DuckOfIndeed lays it out.

Why Games Should Do Away With Extra Lives

First Things @$&¥%# Last


There are two types of people when it comes to Quentin Tarantino: those who love him and those that don’t appreciate intelligent, we’ll crafted monologues and dialogues. Fortunately, The Credible Hulk is of the former. Although Reservoir Dogs would place higher on my list, as always his logic is backed by good points. A great Top Five list of best Tarantino films.

Top 5 Tarantino Flicks

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Andrew Shortall (RedGuinness) is the Writer, Editor, Administrator and founder of Stay-At-Home Gaming. He also suffers from sleepless nights, summer new release withdrawals and trying to behave himself in front of his new nephew.

4 comments on “Week in Review: 3/15/14

  1. pragmaticbrick
    March 17, 2014

    I feel like I’m going to have to start paying you for plugging my posts here.

    Nice read.

  2. a2shato
    March 17, 2014

    I want the new South Park game. A way long time ago, I didn’t think I’d want it, but the more I hear about it the more I think I’d enjoy it. Not to mention I dig South Park in general. 🙂

    • RedGuinness
      March 18, 2014

      It’s fantastic if you enjoy South Park’s sense of humor, but if you don’t it’s pretty damn offensive…gameplay is pretty simple (easy) but the writing is a riot.

  3. Ben
    March 18, 2014

    Thanks for the link! 🙂

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