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South Park: The Stick of Truth First Impressions


Gonna have yourself a time…

This one has been development for a while, but it’s finally come. The Stick of Truth has been out for a week and a half now, and it seems there’s still plenty more for me to play. So instead of waiting to finish the game for something on this one, I’m going to give you my first impressions!

20140321-075521.jpgMagic takes a unique and noxious form.

The game begins with an animated fantasy sequence, which is more than a little inspired by the Heavy Metal animated movie (kudos to Matt and Trey). It sets up a war between elves and humans, led by a Gandolf-dressed Eric Cartman, who also acts the narrator. Cartman explains that the very fate of the universe is in the hands of the new kid, who you will now create.

Character customization is actually pretty impressive considering the vast number of options. Although you can only design a male avatar, there are reasons for that built into the story of the game. You get to choose a hair style, clothing options and a few cosmetic options, like freckles and a bandage, and eyewear if you so choose.


The Kingdom of Kupa Keep…yep, Cartman named it.

Soon you’ll be watching as a moving van pulls into a recently sold home. A man and woman discuss how moving to this new town will finally be good. They go upstairs to check on you their young son who has apparently been in trouble before and is apparently mute (oh, the old RPG video game conventions!) your mom tells you go out and make some new friends, and your dad basically kicks you out of the house. Now the game really begins.

Now, when I say this game perfectly replicates what it would be like to control an episode of South Park, I mean perfectly. From the dialogue of the characters to the way they move, Ubisoft surely took the greatest of care in making us feel like a part of the series.

20140321-080435.jpgA preview of things to come…

Within the first hour of gameplay you are introduced to combat system, the basic elements of gameplay, and a few of the characters we’ve come to love, such as Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick, and Butters Stotch, your first companion character. Combat is ridiculously easy, but we didn’t get this game for the RPG aspects; we got this game for the raunchy humor and fart jokes, of which there are plenty of both.

Though I haven’t gotten very far, I am loving pretty much everything about this game. Though the combat is mostly on stimulating, the prospect of a 13+ hour episode of South Park is enough to make you care a whole lot less about combat. This is a comedy game at heart, and if that’s what you’re here for, you will be impressed.

Look for the full review later next week!


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