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Week in Review: 3/22/14

Previews rule this edition of Week in Review!

We’re feeling a lot more positive this week. Though we only had one article out, we have three nearing completion, including a review for South Park: The Stick of Truth and a Top Five list. Look for the increase in content!

This week in gaming, we had a number of announcements everyone should be excited about. Here were our favorites.

Throwing Down the Gauntlet


If you haven’t played the Gauntlet series, you have missed out on a massive part of the history of great gaming. If you have, get ready: it’s coming back! Gaming Grad has always had great articles, and now he’s brought back the past in a way that makes me love him more. Read this and be glad.

Big Boss in Profile


Though I greatly disliked Revengeance, the Metal Gear series has consistently been one of my most respected. New gaming design concepts, plot twists that shame most every movie, and a hero based on Snake Plissken are unbeatable. Sure, you need a translator to describe the plot to newcomers (“wait, he’s a cowboy who’s arm belongs to a dead bad guy who possesses the cowboy?”) but those in the know love the depth.

As a character study, this is one of the more interesting I’ve read, not just on Big Boss but on any Metal Hear character. A must-read for fans getting ready for MGS V.

Trying to Understand Big Boss

A Battlefield Far, Far Away


Gaming Bobo may have single-handedly sold me on the Xbox One. One of the great series in gaming, Star Wars Battlefront, has been announced as an exclusive on Microsoft’s next-gen console. Considering how long we’ve been waiting for a sequel on this one, let alone the fact that Lucasarts went out of business, this is a huge win for the struggling console, if only on my own purchase.

The Mantle or the Man?


Since I was old enough to get the messages behind comics (yep, X-Men is really about minority groups) I’ve been a massive fan of Marvel Comics. The messages behind their characters and stories have always reflected more personally toward me than the paragons of DC Comics. Now I see it differently. The Credible Hulk has awakened me to a new concept: that DC Comics took the approach that it was the mantle/cowl/mask  of the character (the ideas and beliefs behind the hero’s concept) that mattered, and not the individual that took it up. Though the article intellectually explains how it should have been followed better (full agreement here) it has made me consider the heroes of DC Comics, beyond Batman and Superman, with more respect than I afforded it in the past.

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