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Senator Leland Yee Under Arrest


Yep, you read that correctly.

Back in January of last year we wrote a response to Senator Leland Yee’s speaking out against violent video games and, more specifically, the people who play those games, who he thought had “…a lust for violence” simply because we defend violent games.

Here’s a question: if gamers lust for violence just because we play games that have it, what would an unlicensed gun importer and dealer lust for? I guarantee gamers will be weighing in on it soon.

The Senator, who served San Mateo and San Francisco Counties in California, was arrested on March 26th on charges of conspiracy to traffic firearms without a license and to illegally import firearms, along with six counts of defrauding citizens of honest services. Twenty-five others, including members of his staff, were arrested as well.

These charges have effectively ended Yee’s campaign for California Secretary of State, and probably his entire political career. The Gun Lobby has already denounced the Senator as a hypocrite, citing his long history of anti-gun legislation and the Democratic Party may suspend Yee if he doesn’t resign from his position.


As for American Video Gamers, we have lost a voice against our passion in the mainstream and our Legislative branch. That will make some of us happy.

Two things stand out in my mind over this issue. One, a US citizen is innocent until proven guilty, even though an FBI sting is leading my thoughts towards a plea bargain. Two, as good a thing it is for a corrupt elected official to be brought to light, I can’t help but feel a slight bit of shock at it being a person that has done so much good in his office to help people.

Until all the facts are in the open and the verdict is official, I’m not weighing in on this one. However, that won’t stop my interest in hearing your opinions! Do you think Yee is guilty or innocent? Is the desire for campaign funding the cause of government corruption? Could Yee be the target of a gun lobby conspiracy? Am I asking too many questions?

Leave a comment below and let’s get to it!


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