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Week in Review: 3/29/14

Another fantastic Week in Review!

It’s been a pretty good week, what with Far Cry 3 taking away all my free time and a new Borderlands playthrough about to start. Our review for Stick of Truth is coming soon, we swear, and even better,

This week we have some great articles to check out, and here’s why you should!

Death is Only Natural


Whether you love the series or have broken controllers and television screens because of it, Dark Souls is legendary in modern gaming for its unforgiving difficulty. Midway through March we received a sequel. As I have no desire to destroy my screen (nor have money in my budget to replace it), I skipped on picking it up. For the masochists who hate their own happiness, here’s one of the better reviews for it.

Dark Souls 2 Review

Boldly Go


Now we slide from Gaming to Geek. Star Trek: The Next Generation has been a wonderful influence on me since I was a kid. It has been equal parts philosophy and morality, action and diplomacy. All races of men were equal and peace was preferable to conflict. Also, Britain must have annexed France, because no way Picard talks like that being born in La Barre otherwise.

Thanks to this show, I grew up never understanding how things like racism, intolerance and greed were still around, but as a boy, I never realized how much the show improved how women were seen as well (TNG was my first Trek). After reading this one, I respected the show I loved that much more.

Where No Woman Has Gone Before

Easy Bake Zombie


There are few horror creatures more popular than zombies these days; Nazi Zombies, Dead Island, Dead Rising, etc. But has anyone short of using bath salts tried to become a walker?

Well you’re in luck! Here’s a short tutorial on how to become one of the living dead!*

*disclaimers enclosed.

First-Party Names, Third-Party Games


Our buddy CH is great at Top Five lists for two reasons; the facts are credible and the text is enjoyable. This one adds a third element which rarely happens to me with gaming: it surprised me. It made me look at the games again and think, “damn, that wasn’t really Nintendo?” Great list, great read.


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