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Top Five Worst Multiplayer Opponents

Nothing can kill your enjoyment of a multiplayer game as much as the other players.

Sometimes it’s because of how fast and effortlessly they trounce you, sometimes it’s the exploits of a game they heavily rely on. And sometimes you’re just having a bad day and you just can’t seem to accomplish anything before you’re watching a killcam.

However, there are a few types of gamers who are universally reviled in any multiplayer game. Some are unaware of their horrible crimes, others intentionally evil, but all of them are our enemies.

Here’s our list of Top Five Worst Multiplayer Opponents!

5.) The More-Than-Ten-Levels-Ahead-Of-You Player


There are many players who play multiplayer games. Some are just beginning and others are experienced veterans. However, it’s safe to say a majority of later level weapons and abilities are somewhat-to-overwhelmingly more powerful. And it sucks when your lack of time to play games takes away from being able to enjoy it.

Some games, like CoD and Battlefield have taken steps to avoid these problems, with non-linear unlock progressions and actual working level ranges for game rooms, but until someone comes up with a new way to balance seeing what the game has to offer and not getting floored by it too much too early, the one with more time will suffer the stigma.

4.) The One on Headset But Not Talking In-Game


A headset can be integral to gaming, anywhere from friendly rivalries to tactical planning. It was designed for conversation with other players and functions well in that capacity. It was also designed with a switch that mutes your microphone so you can chat with people nearby without being rude. So why the hell am I listening to you yell at your mom for bringing you the wrong snack cakes, or listening to you singing/rapping/butchering “All Eyez on Me” at the top of your lungs? Fortunately there’s a mute player function in most games, but it’s messed up when you have to waste your time because someone lacks the courtesy to mute their own microphone.

3.) The Elementary Schooler


Most multiplayer games are Rated M for Mature, but there are a plethora of kids with parents who prefer quiet kids to actual parenting responsibility. The worst part is, when you hear a voice that questionably older than junior high, you often find that maturity is lacking as well. Constant complaining, immature convos, and language that makes you wonder how someone that young knows the words he’s saying, are the hallmarks of this pain in the ass. Plus, if you’re gonna dish it out, don’t cry when it comes back to you.

2.) The Elementary Schooler Who’s Better Than You


Like #3, with skill of #5 at the same level as you. These prepubescents are reflexive and strategic prodigies, kickin’ names and takin’ ass. It’s a wonder these kids get any homework done and unless MLG becomes the new entertainment source of the world, we could all be doomed…

1.) The Needless Potty Mouth


The worst of the worst. I’m not a fan of trash talk, but I understand the competitive need to demoralize the enemy team in the lobby. These kind of players treat the trash talk like the main event. Everyone who falls to them is a n00b, everyone who fells them is a haXor, let alone the litany of obscenity that goes beyond poor taste to any bit the most insidious of trolls. These players are the reason I want to give the guy who conceptualized Private Chat a hug.


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Andrew Shortall (RedGuinness) is the Writer, Editor, Administrator and founder of Stay-At-Home Gaming. He also suffers from sleepless nights, summer new release withdrawals and trying to behave himself in front of his new nephew.

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