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Week in Review: 4/26/14

Welcome us back with our Week in Review!

It’s been about a month now since our last Week in Review, and there are reasons that it’s been so long. Fortunately this is a fun site (I think) so you won’t have to read any of it!


Honestly, it’s been far too long. But it’s back on the horse this week!

Back to WWII


When Call of Duty 4 shifted the FPS from 1944 to the modern day, no one was happier than I was. The over-saturation of the setting was killing the genre, and now, seven years later, I’m feeling the same thing. In Other Worlds, on the other hand, is convincing me that another World War II game may be the solution. Check it out.

Who Decided WW2 Was Boring



Fatal Frame is one of the scariest games to come out of Japan. So it’s fantastic news to see that a new installment is currently in development! Sure it’s on the Wii U, but maybe it’ll get ported! I saw it first on Skribbety Post, so I love them now. That’s the rules of the internet.

Fatal Frame V Announced for the Wii U

Evolve or Die


I first heard about this game as a 4-versus-1 multiplayer game and thought about how unfair that would be. Now I feel bad for everybody but the monster. Evolve is currently on the top of my most wanted lost, and seeing 2K Games’ logo fills me with geeky glee. GeekSleepRinseRepeat has the awesome new trailer here.

Evolve 4 vs 1 Trailer

Credible Hulk Double Feature

The Credible Hulk gets two mentions this week for asking me if I was dead, on Twitter. If you want a double feature on this site, that’s just what you have to do. Both are Top Five lists that make me happy.


The first is for video game accessories. If you didn’t have the number one pick, you missed out. And number four is probably my all time favorite and most used accessory outside of controllers.

Top 5 Game Peripherals


Finally, for the awesome kid in all of us, there’s CH’s Top Five Disney Films. More than any other Top Five list, Best Disney Film is pretty subjective, but like every one of his lists, the explanations make a solid case for every selection and every position. My top pick of the week.

Top 5 Disney Movies


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One comment on “Week in Review: 4/26/14

  1. Anthony Mathers
    April 28, 2014

    Welcome back from the dead!

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