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Week in Review: 5/17/14

Funny story. Witty Line. Week in Review.

Yep. Long week.

We’re so damn close to a video segment (concept) we can taste it. We’ve been working on the groundwork for a while and we’re trying to be different yet worth the views. Ugh. More updates to come.

This week was one with a number of posts on the difficulties and realities of gaming, specifically we proud few who write about them in our spare time as opposed to professionally. These made the most impact.

The Truth About Ads


Let’s face it: few of us like the ads that pop up on websites: they detract from the reason we’re there, we don’t tend to click them and sometimes the ad isn’t even relevent to the site. Most people would skip over a site with ads just to avoid them, but guess what? They help the site. It keeps money coming in to compensate the staff that would otherwise be providing you great content, and in SubPar Gamers’ case, actually gets put back into the site to make it better for their readers. These guys even made a post about why ads matter to them. These guys are awesome. Don’t let ads get in the way of that.

About Our Ads

Why We Write


Some of us write because it’s fun. Some of us write because we have feeling to get out. And a few of us are inspired enough that it’s a calling. Many help us along the way and most of us don’t even think about how. Astro Adam of Video Games Nebula, however, knows exactly where it comes from. Read his moving thank you letter here.

Berenstain Bears Inspired This Post

Left 4 Frustrated


I’ve had my moments of gamer rage, especially in multiplayer matches, but Walder Hankey’s takes the cake. Justified anger, frustration and a hell of a twist we should take as a lesson. Check it out on In Other Worlds!

Game Rage Nuke : Left 4 Dead

New Directions


Can’t resist a good Top Five from the Credible Hulk. Not only do I love the selection (and a surprise number one) but seeing the reasoning for Joss Whedon’s spot gives me the warm and fuzzies.

Top 5 TV Directors

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