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The Lighter Side of the Sword Coast: The Misadventures of Kalvanis Mantalir Volume VII


Entry Fourteen

Goblins, bears, and evil wizards! Oh my!

The wild mage that Neera sent us looking for had found himself in some dire straights. We arrived to the area that he was supposed to be living and founded it infested with a large tribe of goblins instead! Though to be fair the goblins were much nicer and more helpful than they normally are, and only a few of them tried to kill us.

One of their guards offered to bring us to their god Bagrivek! I was very excited of course, never having met a god before after all. Instead we were greeted by a rather angry hobgoblin, whom inevitably tried to kill us (big surprise there). After a fairly short fight in which I was quite heroic we killed the fiend and released a man being held captive.

His name as Neera had mentioned before was Adoy, and he was not a god at all! I know, it was all very disappointing to say the least, but that wasn’t the worst part. After just a few moments of talking to the fellow the same Red Wizards that were trying to kill Neera when we first met showed up again! After the obligatory evil man speech (You have to hand it to the bad guys, they are great orators) they tried to kill us again! Very rude of them.

Fortunately we were able to overcome them, Neera didn’t even set anyone on fire this time! Maybe meeting Adoy really did help her…

Anyway, after the fight was over Adoy promised to give us a great treasure! Then he teleported away (obviously to some secret vault somewhere) we’ve been waiting here ever since.

Entry Fifteen

I don’t think Adoy is ever coming back…

Entry Sixteen


“Better part of valor…better part of valor!”

Xan tells me it was inevitable that Adoy abandoned us with no payment for saving us, I’m starting to think he has a very bleak view of the world. Mostly though I feel bad for Neera, she seems very disappointed with the whole situation.

After leaving we had to fight our way out of the goblin camp, which was going well until they released an angry bear that went straight for Xan.

I guess in the end he was right to be so pessimistic…I swear he almost smiled when the bear smacked his face off, literally his face came off it was horrible. Khalid sort of lost it after that and ran away screaming. We would have been done for if Neera hadn’t cast that spell that was supposed to hold the bear, but turned it into a squirrel instead.

We found Khalid a few hundred yards away hiding under a stump, he says there must have been some foul use of magic, but I only saw Neera using spells…but hey stranger things have happened, Jahiera seemed very cross about the whole thing…

I suppose we’ll have to find a new companion now that Xan is gone, that bald guy in Naskell seemed to know how to throw a punch…


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