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Retro Gaming With FailedWell: Lords of Magic

Lords of Magic: Special Edition


For the first article in this series we will be looking at one of my favorites, Lords of Magic, or in this case the special edition. From the makers of the more prolific Lords of the Realms games, Sierra Studios put out Lords of Magic in the late 90’s. That’s right folks the 90’s is retro now, accept it and cry in in a corner later, I know I will. Lords of Magic is a combination RTS, RPG, and Empire management game with a fantasy theme. The special edtition comes with an expansion pack which is much more story driven than the original game, but we’ll be looking at that in the next article.

The basics of the game are pretty standard, you pick your main champion’s class from Warrior, Rogue, or Mage. After that you are presented with a choice of eight civilizations, Life, Death, Order, Chaos, Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. Each faction has their own unique units, including a legendary unit found in their Great Temple. But I won’t bore you with too many details since this isn’t a site for walk-throughs, and if you are looking for such there are dozens of such on the internet somewhere I’m sure, we’ll move on to the review.



“It’s the circle of…no? Wrong thing? Well fine!”

It’s an amazing time sink, on a day that you don’t haven much to do and just want to get lost in a game for a little while, a round at each civilization can take hours to win. Other than that it’s a fairly dynamic game for it’s time, from taking over cities to procure more resources too commanding your troops on the battle map, you get to control a lot of aspects of the game. The artifacts you find to make your champions better make each run through unique as a single civilization, let alone playing the other cultures. This game has amazing replayability, and once you start changing difficulties the game takes a whole new turn in blissful anger. It’s also got a pretty cool fantasy theme, mixing classical mythology with unique lore, even though the game itself doesn’t have all that much of a story.



“Muahahaha bask in my awful glory!”

It’s old! I mean damned old, and let’s be honest here it looks it. The barely more than 8-bit graphics and horrific cut scenes may make it unplayable for you folks you like your new fangled graphics. Psht. For our role players out there, the story is abit lacking, aside from a general theme of “Death Faction Bad” there isn’t much to go on. Some of the in game flavor text and the unique heroes are cool, but really it’s just a build this take over that sort of game. Glitches. This game has a few, and it’s old so they aren’t going to be fixed by updates or the like. Predictability, play the game long enough and you’ll know typically which civilizations are going to last and which ones are going to waste away (I’m looking at you Chaos).



“Damn it! I lost my page!”

While the game has some clear flaws, and drawbacks I think it says something that I still have installed some sixteen years after the game was released. Maybe it says I’m an old fashioned loon, but hey we aren’t casting judgements here. (Okay we are, this is a review, but of the game! Not the reviewer so hush!) Personally I enjoy the game, and I think you will too especially for the under ten dollar cost on sites such as GOG, which I won’t link here because well we aren’t sponsored by anyone and internet legality both confuses and scares me. Anywho game on folks and stay tuned for more!

Agree with me? Think this game should be burned on a pile of rubble along with Atari’s ET? Let us know, we have a comment section and everything.


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