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Week in Review: 9/13/14

My favorite articles from WordPress for the week!


Taking care of a baby is a hard job. Good thing my sister is doing it all! Joking aside, there’s a lot that comes with it, even from an uncle. I even fed him once!


Unfortunately that leaves me with little time, on the bus home, with an iPhone, to write out articles and format them well enough to be on the site, but our buddy FailedWell has a new “Lighter Side of the Sword Coast” on deck, a new writer may be joining us, and I’ve got two in the final stages of prep!

Until then, WEEK IN REVIEW!

The Source of All Gaming


Dungeons and Dragons is the basis for most modern RPGs and is a blast to play if you can manage a weekly or biweekly game with five or six people. posted a wonderful article on the main classes you can play as, and how they have fallen into archetypes and stereotypes, with great support from video games and other media. Great read.

Archetype Stereotypes Part 1

Choices, Choices


Video game choices can range from totally useless to integral to the game, depending on who’s writing about it. Since we started the site, I’ve read a number of posts on the subject and even wrote one of my own, but no matter how many I read, each one seems to bring up new points and views I hadn’t considered.

Pragmatic Brick presents a balanced and intelligent analysis on choice with Telltale’s The Walking Dead game, and once again I am forced to reevaluate player choice in gaming.

The Walking Dead on Choice and Agency

Japan says “No”


I am the new owner of an Xbox One copy of Destiny and sadly still awaiting a system from a delivery service with an outage, (don’t even know what that means…they’ve heard of backup laptops, haven’t they?) but while I’ve been waiting for the moment my discretionary cash outweighed my bills, seems there’s at least one country that doesn’t like Microsoft.

Read all about Japan’s disappointing launch on What’s Your Tag?!

Xbox One’s Launch Flops in Japan, Surprises Nobody

I Miss Blockbuster…Kind of


There was once a time when you’d look forward to hitting your local Blockbuster or Hollywood Video, pick up a single game, and play it for the rest of the weekend, unchained from the rules of life and responsibility. That time was fifteen years ago, and Gamefly is probably your rental “place” now.

Take a minute to join me and recapture the magic of your youth with the Credible Hulk’s Top Five Video Game Rentals.

Top 5 Games Rentals

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3 comments on “Week in Review: 9/13/14

  1. Anthony Mathers
    September 16, 2014

    I’ve heard these promises of returning before, sir. I will not have my heart broken again!

  2. AMGfail
    September 16, 2014

    Thanks for the link back and good luck with your Xbox One!

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