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The Lighter Side of the Sword Coast: The Misadventures of Kalvanis Mantalir Volume VIII


Entry Seventeen

That bald fellow we met in Nashkel says he’s a monk. But I don’t believe him, we had plenty of monks in Candlekeep, and none of them hit as hard as he can!

You’re just mad he walloped you!

No I’m not! And stop writing in my journal Imoen, it’s becoming terribly immature!

Anyway, despite him lying to us about who he is, I think he’ll be quite helpful to the group. While we have saved Nashkel’s mines (like any good heroes would) there is still much work for us to do! First we need to track down this man Tranzig that the half-orc in the mines was talking too, perhaps he knows more about the happenings in the area. Second we must and I mean “must” find out who is trying to kill me, for I have finally been convinced there is not another Kalvanis Mantalir that owes someone money out there.


“War mongering riff-raff.”

Entry Eighteen

You know, I’m not sure we are on the right side here. After returning to Beregost, our reputation had of course preceded us, and the local head of the Flaming Fist wanted to talk to us. Now we all expected the adulation and congratulations but what came next was both innappropriate and a more then a bit disturbing. Officer Van as she goes by offered us fifty gold per bandit scalp. SCALPS! I mean…what the hell!

As if that weren’t enough, when we finally did find this Tranzig he wouldn’t even talk to us. Unless of course you can’t him throwing spells our way and and shouting inane insults. But we defeated him rather quietly. That hole was in the wall when we got there I swear! On him he had a note talking about some bandit hideaway, and something about bags of holding with iron ore. This is getting very complicated, and I find myself wishing for the sage advice of our large friend Minsc who left our company some time ago.

He talked to a hamster…

He was very wise! And how did you open this book!?! I magically sealed it!

Crude drawing of a person sticking their tongue out

Well that’s just rude!


“These are no ordinary bandits, had I the time I would aid you further in your endeavors…”

Entry Nineteen

While our attempts to find the lair of these oh so dastardly bandits has been for naught so far, I have something AMAZING to share. On our travels we have met none other than Drizzt himself! So many of his tales and exploits were chronicled within the halls of Candlekeep, it was partly he who inspired me to become a hero. Not only that but he had some insight into the woes of this area, saying that the bandits are no mere rapscallions, but well trained mercenaries known as the Black Talon. I’m not sure what it all means, but I’m sure his advice will be of great aid to our cause!

You can stop drooling now.

I was NOT drooling, I was simply rightfully awe inspired by our company, and how do you keep bypassing my wards you evil imp!?!


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