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Week in Review: 9/20/14

Jump start this week with the best of last week!

Another crazy week! I find myself the proud owner of an Xbox One and its bestselling game Destiny! A staff meeting, kinda, on GroupMe was overwhelmingly positive and it looks like we have cohesion! Looking forward to the next couple of writing weeks.

Until then, check out some of our favorite articles of last week!

The Hills are Alive…And I’m Out


If you’ve been on this site before, you probably know of my passionate love for the Silent Hill series. There are many reasons to love it (before the non-Japanese sequels), but the characters all tend to be at least somewhat interesting, even after.

Pastime Viewpoints gives us one of my favorite top ten lists ever: Top Ten Silent Hill Characters! Try not to scream.

Top 10 Silent Hill Characters

Love for the Borderlands


Borderlands is one of those games of the last generation that everyone seems to have found a love for. However you felt about the cel-shaded graphics, the repetitive Jason Voorhees knockoffs, or the amount of time planning the perfect character, this game brought the best of RPGs and FPS together.

This is the way Sarca of Caught Me Gaming experienced (and reviewed) Borderlands.

Review – My Year in the Borderlands (PC)

Indie in the Spotlight


Runway Games runs an interesting web site. On one hand, they have info, updates and even a review of their new game, Red Sea Exodus (on Android, soon for iOS); on the other they have pages on charities, games that aren’t theirs and even a two-parter on game death and the effect it has on the player.

I wish them success and hope to play RSE soon for a review!

Red Sea Exodus – Week 1: Reviews

Titillating Titles


Absolutely hysterical. Credible Hulk lists are well done, but this one got me a lot of funny stares at work. A fair amount of innuendo, and not what you think it is.

The Credible Hulk’s Top 5 Boobs

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Andrew Shortall (RedGuinness) is the Writer, Editor, Administrator and founder of Stay-At-Home Gaming. He also suffers from sleepless nights, summer new release withdrawals and trying to behave himself in front of his new nephew.

3 comments on “Week in Review: 9/20/14

  1. Anthony Mathers
    September 22, 2014

    Hope you’re enjoying the Xbone! Glad you liked my list!

  2. runwaygames
    September 22, 2014

    Wow! Thanks for the love!

  3. Sarca
    September 23, 2014

    Thanks for the shout-out! 🙂

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