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Review : Super Smash Bros. Demo (3DS)


So Club Nintendo was so kind as to provide me with an early access Beta key to Super Smash Brothers (yay)!

Well, four Beta keys, to be exact (one for me, three to share). Here’s my first impression…

The main menu consists of seven tabs; Smash Mode (the classic and only playable mode in the demo), Online Mode, Challenge Mode, Smash Run, StreetPass, Wii U, and Games and More. Of course, I start the Smash Mode. It lets me choose between Solo and Group, and includes a Rules tab, which is grayed out for the demo. Your selectable fighters: Mario, Link, Pikachu, The Villager, and Mega Man! Unfortunately, the only stage playable in the demo is Battlefield.

Link, Mario and Pikachu seem to play exactly the same as in previous entries.

All animations are smooth and there are no frame rate hiccups, even while playing multiplayer over local WiFi with three other systems, which is impressive considering it’s a handheld game. The controls feel natural for a fighter on a handheld, and surprisingly the 3D mode doesn’t kill your eyes (I’m currently using original 3DS).

The Newcomers!

The Villager:


The Villager has some unique moves that set him aside from the rest. His regular B attack will absorb a projectile, which you can then use against your enemy. His side B attack will use a rocket that he can ride or just launch it. His up B move straps a couple of balloons to him and he can fly up really high while still controlling the direction. Down B plants a seed that grows into a tree. Using down B again, you can chop the tree down, doing 40% Damage.

His Final Smash consists of some raccoons building a house with the opponent/s trapped in it, then after they finish they blow it up.

Mega Man:

Mega man

His regular B attack he throws a metal blade that which hits multiple times and can travel through opponents. The metal blade can also be picked up and thrown by other players too. His Up B move uses his ally (Rush) to leap off like a springboard, damaging anyone in a line. It’s worth noting opponents can also use Rush to jump off for the short time he is out. His side B move is a projectile that will stick to an opponent and after a short time will detonate. His Down B is summons a Leaf Shield that surrounds him with four leaves in which they can be used to damage other enemies and block projectiles.

His Final Smash starts off with him using the Black Hole Bomb. If someone touches it, they will be sucked in. A cut-scene then occurs where Mega Man summons multiple versions of himself, and all five proceed to charge their Busters and fire energy beams at the opponent.

New items:(so far)

Beehive: When thrown and broken, a swarm of bees attacks nearby opponents.


Fairy in a Bottle:Your damage or target players damage must be over 100% to heal you.


Master Pokéball:Only Legendary Pokémon are contained by within the Master Ball.


Killer Eye: A sentry type item (Portal? Half life 3?!) that fires in one direction constantly. Can be knocked over.


Gust Bellow: A giant bellow that pushes opponents away.


Fire Bar: A sword made from Mario’s fireballs.


Bullet Bill: Transforms the user into a Bullet Bill, charging through opponents in a straight path.


Galaga Bugs: Galaga Bugs lift and hold an opponent in mid air


The X-Bomb: Explodes into a giant “X” on the field.


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Based off the demo, players should be really looking foward to the added RPG elements in which you can change/alter the special moves of each character, thus eliminating any overpowered fighter. The new game modes, including the all new Smash Run mode in which players collect boosts and prepare for an epic final battle, or the Challenge Mode in which players must complete various challanges to get prizes, will both be welcome additions. It will be interesting to see how StreetPass plays into the new Super Smash Bros. Presently, I am basing my review on a early access demo. The full game release date is 10/3/2014. I will continue with a full review after the release.

A little about me! My name is Mike, I’m 25 years old and i’ve been playing video games since I could practically walk. I’m into all things related to video/tabletop gaming, computers and comics . Some of my favorite games/series include the Elder Scrolls series, Bioshock series, the Mortal Kombat series (except MK vs DC because that was awful) and The Sims. I am currently playing Destiny until Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS comes out.


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2 comments on “Review : Super Smash Bros. Demo (3DS)

  1. Anthony Mathers
    September 25, 2014

    Well aren’t you bloody special for getting demo codes!

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