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“This War of Mine” Will Change How You See War

This War of Mine

We’re getting too familiar with war, and not nearly as much to the people it affects.

That’s something 11 Bit Studios, makers of the upcoming “This War of Mine” are attempting to remedy. This game will take you away from the all-too-common role of a soldier and into the role of survivalist, as your goal to simply to take a group of innocent civilians and not become another statistic.

It seems this game is getting some positive attention. War Child, a small anti-war charity whose goals include providing safe havens and quality education to those in war-afflicted areas, has joined the developers in a fundraising partnership that will provide funds for the charity in order to provide for the people they support.

War Child Int'l

All too often these days, video games are at the forefront of blame for violent acts and behavior, with little scientific proof as to its role in it. Charities like War Child and studios like 11 Bit seem to be making a positive case for what video games can do to help the world.

Can’t wait til the Beta.

If you’re interested in War Child, you can click this link to learn more about them.

What do you think of this move? Will games like this become a new way to expose gamers to new ways of looking at the world? Comment below if you have some thoughts!

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