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Week in Review: 10/11/14

Got some big news for this Week in Review!

If you haven’t seen the last three news articles, READ THEM!

If you have, you know I’ve started as a News Editor at! The EIC has allowed me to post the news articles I’m writing for them here as well, and out of appreciation, they will receive the post a half hour before it appears here. There’s a lot more than news on Gambitcon, so be sure to check them out!

But don’t worry, Stay-At-Homies, we still have our own great writers publishing their stuff here, and my non-news articles will stay here for your reading pleasure!

On to our Week in Review!


Face it, if you’re a DC fan, you’re really saying that you love either Batman or Superman. None of those other characters really matter.

Just kidding, the Justice League cartoons are great, I still miss the old Teen Titans and Aquaman may be the greatest comedy comic ever made. But even if you don’t care for the Man of Steel or the Dark Knight, there is not questioning the characters are the most recognizable heroes we have.

While Superman has had nothing but bad video games, Batman has managed to get some of the best ones. This gem was one of the first. Check it out on SamEarl13!


Batman NES Retrogaming Review

Every Holmes Needs a Moriarty


As an RPG player, story is key to a good time. Writing for a group as a GM can be challenging week after week, as new ideas can seem to be in short supply, but with the wonderful world wide web, there’s no shortage of inspiration.

Whether you too need some great primers, or just love to write, here’s part 2 of In Other Worlds’ How to Write a Murder Mystery!

How to Write a Murder Mystery Part 2 The Detective the Murderer

DLC Games and Why You Should Play Them


Downloadable games have been getting a lot of crap recently, mostly for being games more suitable for phones than powerful gaming consoles. Those people couldn’t be more wrong. Casual games like these are great for people who have less time to game, but want to get the best of both the current generation of gaming and the creativity of new, independent developers.

Video Games Nebula gives you the best reasons to play these games. Just click that pretty link below!

Why I Play Downloadable Games

Tribute Where Due


If you know who this is, you owe him a few minutes of your time. If you don’t, you certainly have seen his work: Captain America, Thor and the X-Men to name a few.

The Credible Hulk has written a wonderful profile on this incredible creator. Pay your dues and learn a little more about Jack Kirby.

Creator Profile: Jack Kirby

If you love these articles, be sure to like the page, comment and share it. It lets them know you care and love their writing. And if you like the selection of articles, be sure to drop a comment here!


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One comment on “Week in Review: 10/11/14

  1. Anthony Mathers
    October 14, 2014

    Thanks for the link back! Congrats on the new job!

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