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Upcoming Game “Hatred” Creates an Uproar

Hatred Logo

Remember the days where Mortal Kombat and Night Trap caused an uproar? It might be coming back after this game releases.

Hatred, a game in development by Polish developer Destructive Creations, is a Shooter set to be released in 2015 on Microsoft Windows.

The game features a violent, nihilistic protagonist on a “genocide crusade.” The trailer for the game, released on its announcement on October 16th, depicts a long-haired man in a trenchcoat loading an AK-47 and commenting on how he “…always wanted to die violently.” After collecting more weapons he opens his front door to civilians out on the street and the screen goes black.

Hatred Game

The rest of the trailer, presumably gameplay, depicts a monochrome, almost Smash TV looking shooter, filled with standard gun violence and some brutal executions involving knives, shotguns and handguns.

While this kind of violence has been seen before in games like Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt, the Postal series, or any FPS on the market, there is a level of severity here that I haven’t seen in violent games, in addition to the reminder of the mass murderers who have been in the news this year in the US.


The trailer has already received several remarks from major gaming sites, citing the game as controversial and horrific. According to the developer website, the creators were hoping to make a game in response to political correctness and games as art among other things.

I think they succeeded in that much.

Warning: The following trailer features extreme graphic violence and harsh language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Hatred Official Trailer (Destructive Creations)

Do you think this game was an eventual response to a politically correct and overly sensitive world? Or do you think it goes too far and needs to be stopped? Let us know in the Comments below!


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One comment on “Upcoming Game “Hatred” Creates an Uproar

  1. KotBT
    October 21, 2014

    While the game doesn’t particularly look like my cup of tea, I see nothing wrong with the level of violence in a game. And yes, I think something like this was inevitable. There will always be people who seek to break the norm and push boundaries. In the age of political correctness that means things that will likely offend people and be considered bad taste. But on this topic I agree with the great Stephen Fry who had this to say about people being offended: It simply doesn’t matter.

    Despite claims, gaming has no more effect on people committing violent crimes than heavy metal did on kids commit suicide in the 80s. This game will be no different.

    Further, my opinion is the same as it was when I posted this almost a year ago: Adults should be able to play whatever they want and parents need to pay attention to what they’re buying for their kids. Simple as that.

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