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Gabe Newell Double Feature!

Gabe Newell  It looks like some people are upset with Gabe Newell this week.

First up, we learn that threatening him is a bad idea. Developer Michael Maulbeck of Code Avarice has resigned the company in the wake of a threat to Mr. Newell. Following the release of their game Paranautical Activity on Newell’s Steam platform, which was apparently listed incorrectly as a Early Access, Maulbeck posted a series of angry responses on Twitter which closed with the words “I am going to kill Gabe Newell. He is going to die.”


Paranautical Activity was quickly pulled from Steam in response, prompting a quick apology from Maulbeck, accompanied by new of him selling his ownership and giving up his IP rights, in hopes of getting the game back on Steam and giving his company a chance to publish games there in the future. May this be a note to future developers: don’t threaten the people who publish your games.

Then there’s the new crowdsourcing campaign over Half Life 3.

Kyle Mazzei and Chris Salem, two friends tired of waiting for the long awaited third installment of the hit game, have launched a campaign through IndieGoGo to launch $150,000. If their goal is met, they plan to fund advertisements and send an “army of Gabe Newells” to Valve headquarters wearing t-shirts that read “We Want HL3,” which the campaign is titled.


With 27 days left and $1,221 raised, it seems unlikely to hit its goal. Valve’s last series release, Half Life 2: Episode Two, released seven years ago and Valve has been especially quiet about Half Life 3.

We will have to wait for our next big Half Life game a while longer.

What do you think of these stories? Are threats the new go-to response for the gaming community? Will you be donating to “We Want HL3?” Let us know in the comments below!


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