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Walmart Competes for Holiday Game Sales


Walmart is taking on Gamestop and the Microsoft Store in a big way.

Black Friday, the busiest day for sales during the holiday season, is approaching fast, and Walmart is hoping people will come out on Thanksgiving Day. While some retailers are looking to curb their Thanksgiving deals, Walmart is making a pretty good case to come out.

Starting at 6pm on November 27, Walmart will be selling 500GB Xbox Ones with the Halo: Master Chief Collection for $329, which includes a $30 Walmart gift card as well. Xbox One Halo bundles with a choice of game and a year of live will only cost an extra $50, but only through ordering online that day

Playstation 4 fans will find bundles of the Sony system for $399 with the remastered GTA V and Last of Us, with an additional two games for $50 more through online orders.


Advanced Warfare, sure to be the biggest selling game of the season, will also have a lower price of $49.96 for next-gen systems and $10 less for last-gen.

Though sales like this are uncommonly good, it was prompted by great sales by GameStop, and the Microsoft store, which are already bringing in lots of buyers.

If you were looking for the year to own a next-gen game console, this is the one to do it.


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4 comments on “Walmart Competes for Holiday Game Sales

  1. KotBT
    November 13, 2014

    Perhaps this is a tad aggressive, but I am stll waiting to hear a good case for coming out on Thanksgiving. Now I recognize that some people do not have the warm fuzzy feelings about Thanksgiving that I do. I know that some people are not blessed with a family as loving and accepting as mine, and Thanksgiving becomes a long slog of familial bs and judging, or worse. Regardless though, it is the only major holiday in this country that I can think of that has remained relatively uncommercialized. And I can think of nothing more pure and necessary than, at least one night a year, having a sit down meal of nothing but comfort food (except for turnips, blech) with family.

    As a former retail wage-slave who has had to pull the 12 hour Thanksgiving shift, I can tell you with absolute certainty that a retail Thanksgiving inspires dread the likes of which I only felt once before, when I thought I’d lost all my N64 games besides Superman 64. Customers are rude, some even violent. The few who aren’t say things like “I think it’s absolutely terrible that you have to work on Thanksgiving,” and are either too dim-witted or too self-absorbed to sense the irony of the unwelcomed vacuous crap they’d just spewed from their mouths.

    But the worst part is the next day, the whirlwind of customers and disaster from the previous night that you know you’d be able to deal with if only you’d gotten some amount of sleep the night before. A quiet prayer, “Grant me the serenity to accept the returns I cannot possibly restock, the courage to face the teeming hordes, and the self-control to not bludgeon the next moron who asks me a stupid question with something from housewares,” repeated like a mantra is the only thing standing between you and death row.

    And for what? To save a few bucks? Is time with family really worth so little to these people that they are willing to be herded like cattle into a building while ruining the family time of thousands upon thousands of retail employees, just to be able to save $50.

    I guess my point with my wee rant is that I can think of no deal good enough to warrant shopping on Thanksgiving; if not for me, then for the people who have to work. In fact, I hate it so much I would rather go out the week after and spend the extra money on a full priced item at a store that was closed on Thanksgiving. They deserve my money for being by run decent human beings.

    • RedGuinness
      November 13, 2014

      Lmao how was this not an article?!?

      • KotBT
        November 13, 2014

        Because it was in direct response to this, and because it’s not about video games (or places that sell them) in particular. I feel the same way about Walmart being open on Thanksgiving as I do about Macy’s and the dollar store near my apartment: That it’s an appalling practice driven by irredeemable greed. That the topic of this article sells video games is but a coincidence.

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