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Playstation Network Down for Six Hours


Hopefully, PSN users will be at work for a long time today.

Sony, the company behind the Playstation 4, has announced that today their PSN network will be offline for maintenance. What make this significant is the six-hours it will take to finish the job. The network will be down starting at 9 am Pacific Time, 12 pm Eastern and 5 pm GMT.

Online gaming will be unavailable for PS4 owners during the downtime, as will the Playstation Store and Registration/Account Management services. According to Sony’s website, PSN users who have signed into the service five days prior to the maintenance process “<em>may </em>be able to play games online and enjoy… Netflix, HULU Plus and Music Unlimited during this maintenance period.”


Sony also added they will be updating customers with any changes that occur during maintenance and recommends following @AskPlaystation on Twitter to receive notice of when PSN is fully restored.

The timing is primarily great for American gamers, most of which will not notice the downtime with the standard 9-5 work schedule, but UK gamers will be without their online gaming until an estimated 11pm.

Will you notice the downtime? What do you think of Sony’s timing for this upgrade? Let us know in the comments below!


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