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Happy New Year from SAH Gaming!

  MK XGet ready for a powerful 2015 in gaming!

Your friends at Stay-at-Home Gaming are getting ready for a heavy workload this year, with releases like Battlefield: Hardline, Dead Island 2, Evolve, MGS V: The Phantom Pain and Mortal Kombat X getting us salivating for their release. We’re looking forward to playing and sharing these games with you when they arrive!

We’re also looking at some potential new writers as well. People who love video gaming are always welcome to write a guest article (and we encourage everyone to do so!), but we have a few people that want to write on a more frequent basis. More on that when we know!


We are also looking to get more articles from your favorite writers as well. The stats tell us you love their writing, but as life can get busy, availability of our writers (who literally work for thanks and hugs) can be rough. Look forward to new entries in the Lighter Side of the Sword Coast and new Top Five lists soon!

We are also restarting our Week in Review feature beginning this week, with our favorite content from independent sites only. I’ve been swamped with work with the New Year’s turnover project, but I’m now able to commit my time to it. In addition, we’re going to put more of a focus on things you’re looking to see; Video Game Reviews with a uniform score system, Comedy in short read formats, and Board Game Reviews, which seem to be some of the most viewed pieces of last year, starting with King of Tokyo!

 BF Hardline

It’s been a long year, but we’re happy you’ve been here. We don’t know if we’d still be doing this if it wasn’t for your love and comments. This year is to you, our readers, and we hope to accomplish more than we have and bring you the best reads we can. As always, if there’s anything you want to see more of, you can find us on Twitter @SAHGaming, on our Facebook page SAH Gaming and our email if you prefer.

As always, we’re happy to see you and hope to see you again soon!


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Andrew Shortall (RedGuinness) is the Writer, Editor, Administrator and founder of Stay-At-Home Gaming. He also suffers from sleepless nights, summer new release withdrawals and trying to behave himself in front of his new nephew.

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