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Windows Holographic Revealed

HololensHere comes the next big thing from Microsoft.

Today, at Microsoft conference for Windows 10, the company revealed a new piece of technology: Windows Holographic. Technically a holographic processing unit, the HPU will be the main component of the Microsoft HoloLens headset, a standalone device that doesn’t require other technology like a phone or computer to work.

The device allows for fully High-Definition holographic images, includes advanced sensors that detect the environment and features spatial sound, similar but more advanced than 5.1 headsets.

MH Minecraft

The trailer introduces some interesting concepts, like visual feeds in stable positions and Minecraft in a very different view. Although a trailer like this isn’t generally proof of anything (as only actual use can give you an idea of such things) the ideas are very interesting, especially considering how devices like the Oculus Rift and Google Glass are currently being tested and don’t seem half as capable as Microsoft’s ideas do.

The device does not currently have tech specs, weight or a price yet, but as it has just been announced today, that is more than fair. The conference will continue until the end of the day, so hopefully we’ll get a little more information for you soon.


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One comment on “Windows Holographic Revealed

  1. Guy Trotter
    January 29, 2015

    i know it’s been a long long time since VirtualBoy but im pretty sure that system is the cause of all my headaches ever. So i’m a little bit wary of “holographic” anything that requires a set of goggles. Lol.

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