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Take-Two CEO Addresses Evolve DLC

StraussNot all is happy when it comes to the game Evolve.

Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, addressed a growing controversy on Evolve, the upcoming 4v1 video game, the problem being with its DLC releases. Last Summer, Turtle Rock Studios’ co-founder scared everyone when he said Evolve was “purposely designed for DLC.” Considering the market of DLC, which for many represents a cash-in by companies who develop it before a game even comes out, sometimes in the form of “Day 1 DLC,” internet forums have exploded into two factions: those who vehemently defend the game and those who thinks it’s just a Take-Two cash cow.


Zelnick defended the position, noting the DLC maps and game modes would be completely free, and that the paid forms would be for new monsters, characters and any other developments, stating “I think we’re delivering a fantastic title that’s well worth what consumers will pay for it.” Zelnick’s statements are backed up by an overwhelmingly positive response to the recent Open Beta that came out a few weeks ago.

Zelnick also commented on GTA V, mentioning that the game has plenty of opportunity to grow further with over 45 Million copies sold.

What do you think of Evolve’s DLC release schedule? Is it fair to charge for characters and monsters, or should it be included with the game? Let us know in the Comments below!


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4 comments on “Take-Two CEO Addresses Evolve DLC

  1. RaccoonChad
    February 4, 2015

    I think it shows that Take Two is willing to tell it how it is, but that doesn’t change my opinion on DLC. Yeah, some of it may be free and the same across all platforms but that doesn’t change the fact that game content is gated by multiple monetary barriers.

  2. Stephen Wolling
    February 6, 2015

    My thoughts are quite simple. Number one, the majority of people who ( we have all seen them in blogs and forums and comment threads) who bitch and moan and complain have no working knowledge of the video game world from a developing and creating business side. I admit I know nothing about it. That being said, I choose to buy a game and I choose to buy DLC, plain and simple. It’s my choice as it is everyones. I can either pay up, or play the game without it.

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