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Week in Review: 2/9/15

Another happy Week in Review!

It’s been a grueling month. The SAH Baby is beginning to grow his teeth out, which means the normal slobbery teething will transition to biting! Aside from that, XCOM the Board Game finally released, and it is absolutely fantastic! The tutorial could use a touch of work, but once we got the hang of it, three games later, we finally beat the invasion on Easy! Moving up to Normal next time we play.

We also got some great articles from three new sites (and one favorite) ready to go! Remember to click the links and read the whole story!

Most Wanted Figures


Everytime I walk into a 7-11, there are three things I always notice: the smell of the coffee, the tempting Taquitos I probably shouldn’t get (but always end up walking out with) and these adorable little Pop Vinyl figures they started selling a few months ago. While I see adorable versions of the characters from Frozen and Devil May Cry, I never really give them any more thought.

Of course if they went with characters like the ones TK suggests, I’d probably pick one up every time I walked in. Take a look at the awesome list on TickedTK!

5 Funko Pop Figures I’m Dying to See

The Tools of Fantasy Warriors


Any video game fan will tell you that the most important tool of any game character’s trade is the weapon. A constant companion and in most of the fan art, a character’s weapons can be just as iconic as the game itself, and in some instances, more recognizable than some of the characters.

While every person has their own collection of favorites (the Masamune from FFVII is still my favorite) the Nerd Nebula has a pretty iconic list to dissect. Were you favorites on the list?

Fantasy Weapons

Unity Post-Launch Review


Games that don’t work when they’re released are a major letdown. Whether they were a gift or for personal use, there is little worse than when you pay $60 for something that doesn’t work as it should, as was the case when Assassin’s Creed Unity released with multiple issues and glitches.

But every game deserves a second chance after it is working the way designers intended. Will Unity live up the rest of the series? Find out in Hardly Hobbies’ review!

Assassin’s Creed Unity

 Nickelodeon Double Dare


If that title didn’t instantly bring a smile to your face, you were too old to enjoy it (I don’t know how) or you were too young and didn’t see the one hosted by Marc Summers. This show, and the original programming of Nickelodeon, were staples of my childhood, still make the cut when it comes to entertaining television, and I regret that I never thought to record them for my children to enjoy when I actually have them.

I suppose they may come out on Blu-Ray or may air again in the future, but until then, I can enjoy this nostalgic piece on the Credible Hulk and I hope you will go back to a wonderful childhood moment by reading it as well.

Double Dare

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