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Game, in the name of love!

heart-container5_3588 Happy Valentine’s Day. Or, my preferred name for it, Day-Before-Half-Priced-Chocolate Day. So in honor of today’s holiday status we thought we’d try something new and ask you what games you all like to play with your special someone. Don’t have a special someone? That’s okay, what’s your favorite multi-player game?

Also, leave us a comment and let us know if you’d like to see more polls. If you’d like to see it, we may add a “Question of the Week” type feature.


About KotBT

Rob G (known on the tubes as The Knight of the Binary Table, dragonbiscuits, and LordFluffy88) is a code monkey who is a fan of science fiction, rational thought, Apple products, velociraptors, SCA events, and gaming of all sorts, especially pen and paper RPs, board games, and of course video games. Oh, and he's occasionally a fearsome pirate.

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