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Civilization BE and Starships Begin Linking

SMC-BE2K Games is starting the cross-game connectivity with its latest update.

Today, the publisher of critically acclaimed Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth and the upcoming Sid Meier’s Starships announced the first steps toward their plan of connecting the two games. Starting with a new patch, currently without a release date, 2K will be “laying groundwork for integration” with Starships. The system will be provided via my2K, the company’s user account system.

Though no specific details about what will be available through the link, the company does mention that this will be the first of their titles that will feature this system, and as such details will come soon. Forums are generally optimistic, with talk of simply visiting completed or in-progress game worlds to the complex idea of interacting with the planet via behavior tracking of actions taken in Beyond Earth. More details on the system will emerge as we get closer to the announcement date of Starships.


The new patch primarily updates Beyond Earth, specifically addressing general game balance and Wonders, which according to the company they implemented thanks to user feedback. The full list of updates is available on the official Civilization website.

What features would you like to see with this new update? Let us know in the Comments below!

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One comment on “Civilization BE and Starships Begin Linking

  1. Old School Game Blog
    February 23, 2015

    I have not followed Civ much since Beyond the Sword expansion came out for Civ 4. I was disappointed with Civ 5, so it put me off the franchise. Will look a bit into this though, might be interesting.

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