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Top Five Best Ideas for New Telltale Games Series

Some things should already be Telltale Games…

Last month we did a Top Five list on the Worst Ideas for New Telltale Games Series, and it’s time to get the other half. Telltale Games has taken a lot of series and breathed new life into them. I guarantee you everyone who has played one has spent some time thinking about what their favorite movies and TV shows would feel like in this format, and some of them I tend to agree with. Of course, there is only so much room in a Top Five list…

However, after some soul searching, long hikes in the woods and a great deal of scotch, we’ve come up with a list we think would be hard to disagree with. Here are our Top Five Best Ideas for a New Telltale Games Series!

5.) Star Trek / Star Wars


Why people wouldn’t want it: How would you even do this? Star Trek doesn’t have enough action/Star Wars is too much action! The acting is way too wooden (both)! Don’t we already have enough of these sci-fi series in games already?

Why it would be great: No, we do not. These IPs have an almost infinite range of events/characters/stories to tell, ranging from the Maquis or Rebel Spies to the crew of a massive starship, and a literal universe of both undefined and well established locations and characters.

Plus, how cool would it be to have a better statistic of whether you prefer the command style of Kirk or Picard more?

4.) The Hunger Games


​​Why people wouldn’t want it: A teen novel that’s already overly-loved by too many people, with a whiny cast, too much drama and a love triangle only Twilight fans would want more of.

Why it would be great: Yes, it would be a pain in the ass, IF they continued the story of the books. Fortunately, there were 73 years of other Games, and only a few of them are well described. The set up makes the choices you make interesting as well: you decisions could decide if you have patrons or not, your alliances could make or break a sequence and your defiance or support of the games could make the struggle harder or easier.

Yeah, it’s an Americanized Battle Royale, but this property has a few advantages in a Telltale setting.

3.) Archer


​​Why people wouldn’t want it: Sometimes comedy games based on existing properties don’t manage to translate well, like most of the South Park games before The Stick of Truth.

Why it would be great: It’s Archer. The art style would be easy to convert to Telltale, the action would be funny, and the writing of an average show the choices would be absolutely hilarious. Even better, the show has a loose canon, meaning the episodes could be anywhere in the timeline without needing to worry about much.

As long as we play Archer, I’m happy. New agents might get shot in the knee.

2.) Firefly


​​Why people wouldn’t want it: They haven’t seen the show or aren’t a fan of Joss Whedon. Which is a silly standpoint.

Why it would be great: There are so many reasons to do this: a growing fan base of ferociously loyal browncoats, a unique setting, characters we all love, and a chance to reunite the cast in a way I don’t have faith in the upcoming MMO to do. A Telltale series could continue the wonderful story we all never got to see finish, and even better, could fill the space between the series end and the movie (or the comics, depending on your level of commitment).

1.) Fallout


​​Why people wouldn’t want it: There may be some concern over whether to set this in the wonderful East Coast setting of Fallout 3 or the traditional setting of the West Coast.

Why it would be great: This one needs no explanation, but I’ll give it to you anyway. The opportunities for combat moments are great. The organizations are splintered just enough that using any of them could be new perspectives. There are plenty of games to provide source material for any kind of madness you’d want to explore. Plus, who the hell doesn’t want a Laser Rifle to play with?

I’d buy a season pass immediately if I saw it.

What great ideas for a Telltale Games series do you have? Let us know in the comments below!


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2 comments on “Top Five Best Ideas for New Telltale Games Series

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  2. failedwell
    February 24, 2015

    Dislike. Firefly should be number 1 obviously.

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