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The Lighter Side of the Sword Coast: The Misadventures of Kalvanis Mantalir Volume XIV


Entry Thirty Four

The shame! The humanity!

We’ve been imprisoned, our great reputation tarnished, forever blackened by charges most foul. I mean, we did kill those men, but they attacked first and they totally deserved it. Some explanation may be needed for whats likely to be thousands of readers in the future, so let me tell you of the last few days.

After saving Baldur’s Gate (yet again) and revealing the Iron Throne for the dastardly villains that they are we tracked them back to my former home of Candlekeep! Now, normally because of Candlekeep’s laws we would never have been able to follow them there, but Duke Eltan gave us a rare book to donate to the library and bought us passage. Once inside we of course caught up with some old friends.

You spent almost two days in the tavern!

I HAVE A LOT OF FRIENDS! Anyway, moving on. While talking to my childhood tutors we began to hear rumors that Reiltar, the head of the Iron Throne was up to no good, we were even helped along by a helpful scribe named Koveras who told us where Reiltar was holed up.

Helpful?! He turned us in, I bet he was trying to get them killed so he could gain something.


Don’t be ridiculous Imoen. As I was saying, foul rumors heard, and whereabouts given we did the obviously heroic thing and confronted these leaders of the Iron Throne. Rather predictably they attacked us, and we as is the nature of our heroics came out on top. But now we are imprisoned by my own tutors for nothing more then defending ourselves! Ok, and Neera burned down that one bookshelf, but honestly who didn’t see that coming? It’s preposterous! Our lives are ruined we’ll never recover from this, we’ll—–

Whine, whine, whine. We’ll get out of this, now I’m, keeping this so you don’t ruin the pages with your sobbing.


Entry Thirty Five

 Freedom! I wasn’t worried at all, I knew all along that heroes of our caliber couldn’t be held down for long. Another thing I fully predicted, Koveras was a fiend! Working for the new leader of the Iron Throne, a terrible man named Sarevok. But we escaped our prison with some minor help from one of my old tutors, fought our way through catacombs filled with the undead and more of those blasted gray shape shifters! I’ll have to perform interviews on my companions soon to determine if any of them were switched.


Imoen’s fine! Now, if only we can figure out what this Koveras’ connection is too Sarevok we can exploit that somehow…

Not even you can be that stupid.

If course I can’t be! Er…what are you talking about?

Koveras IS Sarevok, it’s just his name spelt backwards.

Don’t be ridiculous Imoen, there is simply no way that’s true. You may have come to some right conclusions after much coaching from myself in the past, but that idea is just silly. I mean really, what sort of villain would just use his name backwards? An idiot could find him out!

Apparently not.


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